Pedal/Crank Grabbing in Trials

Street is different: the aim is to flow and do tricks. A crank grab to a trick can look wicked cool.

Joe Hodges is a cheater!

Im a cheater too!

Oh my! No!..

Does it mention that your pedals can’t come in contact with the obstacle? AS long as there’s no body contact, then I see no problem and to me the “essence” of trials is to get up/over those obstacles any way you can, without body contact with any obstacles or surfaces. You’re simply not limiting yourself and using another skill set to accomplish your goals. Maybe those who decry the practice of pedal grabbing are themselves deficient in the skill. (Not saying you Danni lol!)

I can pedal grab, albeit very very poorly :). If you read my posts again, I am referring to competition, as going to rubber is “a better gauge of skill”. Since uni trials is largely based on bike trials, why not go UCI?

Again, I’m sorry if I seem dogmatic. I’m only trying to start a discussion here.

Here’s a link to a pdf of the rules. Basically don’t put your foot down. So pedal grabs are ok as long as your foot doesn’t touch the ground.

Since most uni trials comps are freetrials rules, I think that the upper levels should not be allowed pedal/crank grabs. The object of freetrials is to get rid of things like stratodabs, so that riders push themselves to ride as hard as they can. So for uni freetrials we should move away from using pedal/crank grabs.

Also, the main reason bike trials people don’t like unicycles is because we pedal grab.

So how else then would you jump up 160cm, for example, if not by pedal grabbing, and if there’s nothing nearby a little lower and within your "direct-to-rubber"abiltiy, that you could get to the higher ledge from there? Just not do it? Think this way also, the drop back DOWN looks impressive and probably more so to regular folk who see a big drop as much more amazing than a big jump up. (Even though jumping up 110cm is way harder than the hop back down lol!)

Its definitely a better gauge of skill. There’s a lot more height and precision needed to go to rubber on everything. Not saying that there is a lot of skill going into a pedal grab, specially on something tall and skinny.

Its a tough call though.

It’s just another SKILL you should master. If you can do 115cm directly then you MUST learn PG if you’re at all interested in much higher stuff. :sunglasses: And if a gap is slightly out of reach than you can PG that too! Would it be better to just NOT do it unless you can make it directly?

What if the best rider on the planet couldn’t make the gap/jump directly, because it was just too high/far? Should he just forget it, or do the PG and complete the line? You should be able to use any part of the unicycle in order to complete the task. That’s what it’s for.

Is it cheating to use the lift handle, or a bouncier tire? Or those little hard rubber inserts that SW sells to attach to the underside of your saddle to help with SIF? Are certain shoes off limits? What about if you made an all CF uni that was like 5 punds total? Would that be unfair? Just playin’ a little “devil’s advocate” here lol.

Nobody can do 160 cm pedal grab. Think this: How is it that a hand, a foot, even the seat, is will get you disqualified in a competition (how many times do I have to say this?). Why is a pedal?

So, how would such a rules change affect your riding, Terry? When was your last trials comp?

I’m just curious why Mr. “Drop Everything” is so interested in this topic… inquiring minds would like to know.

Why is a pedal what? Allowed to touch? Because it’s PART of the uni, and your not having body contact with the grab object! and to use your above quote, (how many times do I have to say this?):slight_smile: :roll_eyes: :smiley: Does it say in the rules that ONLY the tire can be in contact with the trials course obstacles? If so, then I stand corrected. And unless your doing a seat trick, like a whip, bounce etc., which you don’t in trials, I don’t think there would ever be any “seat” contact with the course obstacles, unless you fell and dropped your uni.

One of the great things about trials is the “anything goes” / “whatever it takes” spirit behind it. Pedal grabs are fun, look cool, and useful.

That’s why, I’m going to build a trials uni with 8 inch cranks and a 12 inch wheel - I’ll just walk over stuff holding the uni under me. As long as my feet are on the pedals who cares?

Seriously though, Pedal grabs are fine. It’s all about doing what’s fun.

Well, you and & aren’t jounalists, politicians, scientists, or war vets, but that doesn’t stop us from opining about those and other subjects!

I’m interested because I just got a trials uni and love all aspects of unicyling, and I’m part of this community and like to share in the discussions, and yes, learn things in the process. And at my age, I can never even hope to get to the skill level I would like, especially in the trials/street department, but I’ll still keep trying! :slight_smile:

The ONLY part of a unicycle allowed to touch is the pedals and tire IN COMPETITION. Why? Like I’ve said before, I don’t care what you do in your backyard. Go and do your 160cm hops to pedal terry, and I couldn’t give a damn (I would actually, because that’s damn high!). Pedal and crank everything in sight and laugh with glee and ride into the rainbow. But in a trials competition, designed to determine who has the best trials ability, going to rubber is a better gauge of skill.

How about the better gauge of skill just be who can get over the obstacle on a unicycle. As long as pedal grabs are allowed to both riders, shouldn’t the better rider still win?

You just answered the whole thing right there! If the pedals are allowed to touch, than PG is also allowed. So do your max to rubber, 110cm or w/e, then do PG if you need to get higher. That way you’ve already showed your high level of skill, and also that you can PG cleanly and with style to get even higher! :sunglasses:

I just asked Kris what he thinks about the subject, so ill post his answer once I get it.

Well, KH has made at least one tutorial on PG.

Kris Holm Tutorials
Tutorials given by the world’s best trials rider, Kris Holm. Filmed and edited by Jeff Lutkus.

Basic Hopping Techniques 3.98MB
Rocks ‘n’ Railings 3.03MB
Seat In Front Hops 5.32MB
Pedal Grabs
Correct Landing Techniques 4.29MB
Correct Landing Techniques II 2.90MB

The above links are kindof old, so they may not be good.

Found this: Notice how he calls it a “technique for trials”.

I’m competing on my unicycle. In most cases I don’t do pedal grabs in natural, usually the surface is too slanted or whatever for them.