Pedal/Crank Grabbing in Trials

While useful, I think it is cheating and shouldn’t be allowed in competitions. Old videos of RA shows than you (if you are skilled enough) can hop to handrails and jump up high posts to rubber. I think that crank/pedal grabbing is a bad influence on riders as they don’t push themselves to new heights. It is lazy, not flowy, looks like crap and cheating.

Biketrials has gone from bash/pedal (BIU) to UCI, where a pedal grab, bash, etc is considered a dab. When you think about it, pedal grabbing is just as bad as touching with your hand on highjumps, leaning on something for a skinny, putting your foot down, etc, so why is it allowed?

What are your views on pedal grabbing?

Pedal grabs are necessary for even the greatest highjumpers simply because there is a limit to how high you can go directly to rubber! So if you highjump to rubber maxium is 110cm, (or 114cm if your Fabian!) and the object you’re going for is 130cm, or w/e then the only option to get up there is to pedal grab and go to rubber from there. :slight_smile:

Anything I pedal grab I at least try to get to rubber also

But that’s cheating. I don’t jump, put my foot on the ledge and then mount again. Pedal grabbing is essentially just that. Or like Fabian being disqualified for putting his hand down after a highjump.

I feel pedal grabs are just another tool a rider has, although going to tire would be preferable. Zack Baldwin has shown that pedal grabs can be done fast and even stylishly.

A good reason for not doing a lot of pedal grabs is the damage of property, especially w/ metal pedals and someone else’s/public property.

I think touching any objects w/ any part of your body should not be allowed, but pedal grabs O.K.


I don’t think it’s the same thing. Even though, once you learn pedal grabbing, it can be easier than going to tire.

I’m fine with it as long as it’s clean.

If you’re balancing forever up there on your pedal I have to agree that it doesn’t count, but if you take about as long as your prehop to do it…

of course, for highjump it shouldn’t be allowed

I see it like a bike trials rider using their front tire and brake to pull themselves up. Isn’t that something that they do in competition? Like terry said, it’s the only way to get up to certain objects.

How the heck is it “cheating” if you pedal grab at a height otherwise IMPOSSIBLE to jump up to directly to rubber? Should you just give up and not go for anything higher than your highjump max, solely because you can’t get up to it any other way than to pedal grab it first? That’s rediculous. That’s like saying it’s cheating to use lower gears on a mtb to go up the steepest hills, because in 1:1 or higher gears it wouldn’t be possible to make it. Or it’s cheating to hop SIF to get more height in your jumps because your not really and fully “on” the unicycle. Poppycock lol! :roll_eyes:

I would say though, that if it is within your ability to jump directly to rubber, than do it, and don’t pedal/crank grab. I would agree on that point. :slight_smile: Oh and btw, well executed pedal grabbing is also a skill! Not everyone is good at it, like me lol!

So you think if you pedal grab and your toe touches the that ledge thats wrong? The problem with this issue is that the only compromise is going back to pedal grabs are legal. Or a lengthy set of random rules for the like.

Muniaddict- I know some bikers they would say it’s “cheating” if you need the smaller chain-ring to make it up a steep hill.

That just sounds kind of egotistical to me.


To make pedal grabs “illegal”-at least for stuff to high to jump otherwise-is like saying, well, that ledge is 150cm, which currently is not possible to jump to directly to rubber, so then we declare that it is off-limits to anyone to even try by pedal grabbing! ROTFLMAO!:stuck_out_tongue:

Terry, anything is possible when you put your heart to it! Yeah!

Absolutely, I can see Joe H clearing 250cm any day now!:stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t want this to come off mean or start any serious argument, but…
If you consider it cheating then why do you do it in your riding? There’s a crank grab or two in every one of your videos.

Tomorrow I’m off to a NATS bike trials competition. I’m sure they’re less strict about these things in the Sport category (beginner, sport, expert, pro), but I’ll report back about what they allow as far as pedal grabs.

To be honest i dont really think there is an issue here unless you are competing and they say you cant do them and you want to or they say you can do them so everyone does but you cant…
In my opinion, crank grabs are not a ‘easy’ thing that everyone can do, it takes practice. I can get to crank on some things, but getting out if it is a whole new skill, getting up from being stationary on something unable to get momentum from a compressed tyre is hard, especially if trying to get high from the ledge/bench.
If you ride for fun and dont like them, then dont do them!
However, if you ride for fun and like doing them as they can help you complete lines, then go for it and then as you get better and hop higher you can eliminate a few of them and extend use of them to bigger gaps, ledges etc.
EDIT: Maximus… agreed!
RE: the bike trials… i think crank/pedal grabs would be useless on such a bike?

I should have specified that I was talking about pedal grabs and crank grabs in competition, like UCI. What you do in you backyard is none of my business. I watched some fluck videos and there was pedal grab after pedal grab in the trials comp. I think that going to rubber is a better gauge of skill than smashing your way up.

The definition of trials is to get over a set obstacle without leaning, putting your hand down, or bodily contact with foreign (not the unicycle) objects. Pedal grabbing is, to me, breaking the essence of trials.


To get that momentum you can let the uni hang low w/ the axle below the pedal and then swing it up as you hop up.

I’ve seen ZB use this to hop pedal grab to pedal grab up two ledges.

Sorry for thread jack, but i find it harder to pedal grab with the crank swinging below than to crank grab (balance point is hard to keep)… i guess this will come with practice:)
Danni: Just read about your comment regarding competition… glad to hear you were only talking about this;) i say if its smooth and quick let it stay, if its messy and timely get rid of it!

I stopped after I made my last video. Convenient, but true:).

Let’s not stop there! If your an expert mountain climber and you can’t get a grip on a vertical mountain side 1,500 above ground, you’re not allowed to drive in a spike to help you climb up. Pedal grabbing is a useful “tool” in a good riders bag of tricks to help in reaching a height otherwise not attainable by jumping directly to rubber.

But in official trials comps maybe they’re saying something like, “if you can’t jump driectly to rubber than it doesn’t count”, but in street riding, it’s obviously done a lot and look cool, especially when it’s so crazy high up! :sunglasses:

That’s not what I’m trying to say; I’m sorry if it came off that way.