pedal clicking

I just got a plastic pair of Odyseey Twisted Pros today, put them on, and rode a little. When I ride slow, I think it’s cause i’m putting more pressure on the pedals, I hear a clicking noise in the left one, anyone have any ideas what this is or how I can find out? Thank you in advance,


It’s probably either a loose pedal, or loose bearings in the pedal. Any reasonable LBS should be able to tell right away. For now, Im far to tired to explain further.

I’ve experienced this before, and what i did was i took off the pedal, regrease the threads and put it back on again, and the clicking sound disappeared. If this doesn’t help, try tapping the spindle lightly with a mallet.

what’s tapping the spindle going to do?

yesterday I noticed that the bearings were loose in one of my pedals, it clicked as I put pressure on it, it could move much too far backwards and forwards, and side to side, and it made an unusually loud rattling sound when I dropped it.

If this is the problem, hopefully you can tighten the bearings up, though with a lot of cheap pedals you can’t. Hopefully there is a plug over the end of the spindle, the opposite end to the cranks, and underneath that you will hopefully find a nut. Tighten that up and it should be fixed.

I don’t know how common it is to be able to fix them in this way, the only other pedals I’ve ever taken apart were well over 30 years old, but I’d guess that the bearings wouldn’t come loose if it wasnt possible to tighten them back up again.

How does the pedal feel when you spin it around? if it feels doesn’t turn very easily, and “clicks” from one position to another the chances are you’ve got a bit of grit in the bearing…

Thank you everyone, I think i’ll try taking the cap off and seeing if I can tell whats up and fix it, if not then i’ll take it to the LBS, they’ve been getting visits from me lately anyways.