Pedal bite gore

I’ve noticed lately it seems that more and more uni’s with pinned pedals are attacking their owners. A good friend and new rider that posts here as “Trapper” got a swipe from his Onza Muni Panthercycle a few days ago resulting in this, a prime example of why one shouldn’t ride without leg armor:

After a trip to the emergency room and 10 staples later:

trapper's staples 1.jpg

  • realeases loud girlish screem* Wow man, was that all from one hit???

Re: Pedal bite gore

I say he would have been fine without the staples, I have had worse ones than that I didn’t get stiches and or staples, actually I am not sure maybe he did need them, tonight i am ordering my 661’s!!! So no more holes in my legs!

Yep, one strike did that
He had been practicing freemounts and was getting pretty good at them,THEN he stopped to go visit with a few of his mountainbike buddies and as he departed, he missed a freemount in front of everybody :frowning:

I know pinned pedals are great for muni and distance etc, but they really aren’t that great, or necessary, for learners. Things like the above happen - recommend him some good plastic pedals. Shin pads do the job, but if you just want to hop on for a quick ride, rather than setting off for a 10 mile muni, most people won’t bother.


Lucky for me, I’m too much of a wuss to try anything that could yeild such results.

I wear pants, too, which helps somewhat (I still get some bruises)

Yeah…I find pants combat the brambles and poisin ivy, too

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Pants?!? where’s the fun in that? naked unicycling all the way!