pedal bite=filet o' shin

earlier i was out riding and when i landed after jumping a stair set my foot slipped from the pedal and the pedal slid all the way up my shin, i figured it was just a normal pedal bit but didnt really bother to look at it until i got home and took off my shoes and realized my sock and pant leg were both red, and sopping wet. I kinda freaked and pulled up my pant leg and my shin just looked real scraped up and nasty. i hurried to the bathtub and started to wash it off. i realized that my shin had actually been sliced open, there is a 5in long by .5in gash in my shin, so as i washed it off the skin started to peel back, it was kinda cool, but then i decided i probably should peel it back even though it didnt hurt. so i dryed it off and used tweezers to push and pull the skin where it should be. then i use some handy dandy medical superglue to put it all back together. that stuff is WAYYY better than going to the ER to get stitches.
and now it feels fine. it just looks all gnarly.
thats ok though. i dont mind a few battle scars

i think i may invest in some shin guards now

Good idea. Id get lizard skins if you plan to be hard core or 661 veggi wrap shinguards if you plan to be only reasonably hard core. they are both good but the liz skins are a bit tougher.

This thread is meaningless without pictures.

Do the Liz Skins cover the back of the leg? I have 661 knee/shin gaurds, but they have absolutely no coverage for the back of the leg. I am pretty good at missing the pedals on uni spins so I have some pretty nice scabs on the back of my leg that just seem to never go away.

yea i know, i really need to get a digital camera or a scanner or something.

Re: pedal bite=filet o’ shin

csuko <> writes:

> Do the Liz Skins cover the back of the leg?

My LS shin protectors are neoprene with plastic inserts. Protection
for the back of the leg is just neoprene and velcro, but it covers
most of the back of my shin (I have skinny ankles). Bottom line: the
front is impervious to pedal bites, the back is somewhat protected,
but I’d rather not have a hard hit there.