Pedal axle question.

I have Wellgos on my Summit. While unscrewing them from the cranks today, I noticed that the axle was bent. Not sure if they came like this or if I did it. (No, Adam, I’m not accusing you of anything :slight_smile: ). It is still rideable and I didn’t even notice it while riding. My question is, should I replace just the axle or the whole pedal? Also, the locknut is stripped, but for some reason, I can tighten the bearings, while the locknut remains loose. Now that I am writing this, it feels like I am answering my own question. Perhaps I need pedals. Primo Tenderizers. The blue would go great with my orange and black uni. What do you think?

Re: Pedal axle question.

Basically if you can’t notice it while riding, I think you will be ok. I have bent pedals myself, and I just bought new ones. Usually it is just better to buy new pedals unless they are mega expensive(Shimano’s etc…). Ride it Untill you can feel it. Or ride it untill it breaks/bends beyond riding.

Since it’s a Wellgo, you’re going to replace it eventually. That’s a given. Wellgos will ALWAYS eventually break … they really aren’t made for the kind of stress and abuse unicycling puts on them. I could see them holding up well on a bike, but for unicycling they just don’t cut it.

That said, you might as well just replace them right now and save yourself the trouble later. My recommendation can be found in the other “broken pedal” thread currently active: The Odyssey Jim Cielincki pedals on are awesome. I’ve got them on both my MUni and my trials (not sure whether they’re a good choice for MUni or not but they seem to be working OK) and I love them. As far as I can tell, the only way to kill them is to bend the axle (the pedal frame won’t break like the last 3 pairs I put on my trials) and it won’t be easy. They’re 33 bucks but they’re really nice pedals. As always, replace the pins with the larger replacements when you get them, because otherwise they migh not grip enough for trials.

I’ve broken both my wellgo b-37’s. They have sealed bearings. Wellgo sealed bearings will inevitably break. I also had a bent spindle on the left wellgo, I don’t know about the right. Just replace your pedals. Snafu or Jim c’s. Or something that won’t break. That means no wellgo’s.