Pedal and motorized monocycle pictures

Check out the pedal and motorized monocycle pictures at:

Click on the “picture gallery” link and go the the last album:

Leo Vdw’s pics (finished)

Pictures 31-34 are of well engineered pedal and motorized
monocycles. The pedal monocycle in picture 31 is especially
well designed and built!

Here is a search of other other threads
containing the word monocycle in the subject line:


Ken Fuchs <>

Thanks for the post. I was nice to see the additional pictures as well as the videos. Wow, that must have been something to see in person.

Where to get the monocycles pictured.

The monocycle in picture #31 of album “Leo Vdw’s pics (finished)”
can be purchased form Kerry McLean (248-624-8274). I’ve been
told that this monocycle is far more rideable than the one that was
built in China and shown at UNICON X.

Kerry McLean also sells motorized monocycles:

Mike, thanks for the reply!


Ken Fuchs <>