Pedal and crank grabbing for weaklings?

I tried a bit of pedal and crank grabbing the other day and although I can see myself being a bit more successful as my technique improves, I also feel that my lack of strength in my legs is really holding me back. I find that I just can’t make the height even when atempting them with a trials uni. Has anyone else found this?

Since I’m having trouble making the height I think I’ll need to focus more on how I’m jumping. Is it best to squat down low and do long jump or to do a quick little hop?

Maybe I’ll also try hopping ‘backhanded’ as in to the left with my left foot forward.

Has anyone got any suggestions or is it really all just practise?


P.S. Sorry to bore you with another pedal grabbing thread.

I’m new at the pedal grabbing too. My friend and I were practicing on a park bench. From what i’ve learned in all my failed attempts, it helps to have your seat a little shorter than normal, especially if you’re not hopping with the seat out in front yet. I don’t know if it’s considered cheating, but for learning purposes, landing on the crank as well as the pedal gives you better stability. I think from there you can work your way up to pure pedal grabs. Hopefully i’ll work my way up there too.

That’s not considered cheating; that’s considered a crank grab. They’re two different things. Not that I can do either, but they are two different moves.

i found that height just comes naturally if you ride alot(practise, wouldnt worry too much about your legs, i reckon technique goes a long way) and crank stalls/ pedal grabs become easier too. if you want to train up your legs i suggest skipping, it really beefs up your calfs and helps with riding.

anyway, when i was first learning to crank stall i could never stay on the ledge or wall i just fell off the wall or over it. then one day someone told me to pull the seat out when i landed the crank stall- as soon as you land the crank stall pull the seat out front and you can balance much more easily becasue you can twist your body independantly to the uni. this helped loads and i can land them now with seat in, i guess its just practise.

hope this helps, good luck!


Pedal Grab

I learned to pedal grab with seat out in front. The problem for me when learning how to pedal grab was that when I jumped up my cranks wouln’t stay in the down postion. My back crank would come up too far while my front crank would lower.

So when you pull the back crank up to your foot, jump, and while you are in the air, press down on the back crank and lift the front one up to successfully get on top of the obstical.

Well I can hop pretty confidently with the seat out (that’s how I choose ot do my high jumping). I will do heaps of practise today and tell you how I go. The thing is, I’m pulling the front pedal up to meet my free foot because of the way I’m hopping. Maybe I’ll try the other way as well.


Today I told myself I’d go out and not come back until I could crank grab. Luckily I landed one on my 3rd try and then three more in a row after that. Crank grabbing’s great fun!


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