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The Snafus on my KH give really good grip, but my shin’s latest encounter with them has left me with 8 stiches after a 10 PM trip to the ER.

What are the best metal pedals you can advise that have good grip but don’t cut your shins like razor blades? I looked at the plastic Odyssey ones w/ plastic pins, my friend has them, and I might use those for non-shinguard occasions (i.e. not muniing), and use my snafus for muni or when i need more grip.

I have another question: Will the cranks get damaged from repeated pedal switching, even if I do it carefully w/ a pedal wrench?

i have the primo balance pedals and love them. there very lite (magnesium) and strong. they only have 4 little pins but loads of grip. there kinda pricey though

Re: Pedal Advice

I think that the best thing to do would be just always wear shin guards…if you get pedals that grip less well, you’ll probably also be sacrificing strength. and you want strength. so just wear 661’s every time you’re on the unicycle…I think is pretty much the best thing you can do.

Buy some BMX/DH shin pads that only cover the shin and leave the knee free. You’ll be able to wear them for times you don’t want to wear the full 661 4x4 leg armor.

There’s lots of different brands. Fox makes some nice ones. Avoid the Neoprene pads because Neoprene doesn’t breathe and your lower leg will get all sweaty and wet. The fabric pads with a plastic shin plate are the ones you want.

If you’re careful when replacing the pedals you can remove and install the pedals without damaging the cranks if the cranks are steel. With aluminum cranks I’d be reluctant to swap pedals a lot. Use grease on the pedal threads and be careful when threading the pedals so you don’t get them installed cross-threaded.

Best option is to get shin pads and leave the metal pedals on. Armor/pads are cheaper than stitches. :slight_smile:

True true,
My parents were paying for the stitches, so maybe they’ll pay for the pads… hmmm

anyways, I thought of getting non-knee pads for always wearing, but it seemed dumb until this incident

thanks for your advice all

these look pretty darn good:

I just got a pair of UMBRO soccer shin and ankle guards for 15 bucks. They look like they’d save my shins from a few cracks before needing relacement.

Ice that shin! Ouch!

I believe those have a Neoprene wrap around the leg. They have a fabric liner inside but that Neoprene will still make your lower legs sweaty wet.

Roach used to make a shin pad that was just like the Roach leg armour but without the knee. It had the wrap around calf protection and breathable fabric. But no longer.

Core Rat makes a shin guard that has an optional calf protection flap. Looks like it might be good. They’re a Canadian company and the prices on the web page are in Canadian dollars.

get some JC’s. dare I say the snafus have to much grip they drove me crazy so I put my JC’s on and it was a lot nicer.

Or you can switch to plastic pedals without pins, I have some Odessey twisted PC’s and couldnt be happier. Not only do I not have to worry about hospital visits from a smack to the shin but they are alot lighter than metal pedals.

yeah, i mentioned those odysseys in my first post, but i’m just concerned that they won’t hold up for muni (not only in strength, but in grip)

now i don’t muni tooooo often, but i’d maybe consider switching the pedals back and forth, snafus for muni, odysseys for normal riding

i think the cranks on my KH are chromoly, would those hold up to switching back and forth between pedals 2-3 times a month? (and are the '05 KH cranks chromoly?)

Swapping pedals should be fine, just be careful not to cross thread them, and use a bit of grease to keep the metal on metal contact down.

As far as the grip on the Odessey’s Its not great and if your doing alot of pedal grabs on them the little plastic pins wear off ( I actually recommed this happening as they really wont hurt you then) I have had mine for a few years now and while the bearings are a bit trashed from riding hard trials they are still a good solid pedal.


Yes the old KH and new KH cranks are chromoly.
Even with steel cranks you need to be careful not to damage the threads on the crank when installing pedals. Put grease on the pedal threads and then thread the pedals on by hand (with your fingers) for a couple complete turns before using the pedal wrench. It is difficult to cross-thread by hand but very easy to do when using a pedal wrench.

I would not enjoy using the plastic Odyssey pedals for muni. Not enough grip. Even my metal pinned muni pedals sometimes fail me when I’m trying to plow through a root garden. I’ll be pedaling hard and my foot will slip off the pedal because of not enough pedal grip. Sometimes it even makes a sound like Velcro ripping as the shoe slides over the pins. Muni pedals need lots of grip.

I wear shin guards every time I ride, but I keep getting hit on my calf, where the shin guards don’t protect. It really sucks. Happened today actually. Do SixSixOnes guard the back of the leg, too?

they help…there’s no actual padding on the back of the leg, but the 661 4x4’s do go all the way around the leg. so it still hurts a bit to get hit there, but you won’t get torn up by the pins.

Yea I agree with you john, Muni grip is your best friend. Trials and Street however I think you can get used to not having as much grip and get away without the pins.

get some azonic a-frames if you are looking for grip, i think they still have them at… my bro has them on his downhill bike and they are REDICULOUS! they have a ton of pins, and they are fat and threaded the whole way, adding extra grip, they are also supposedsly indestructable… made of magneseum or somthing… but if you will sacrifice some wieght for grip, get them, now.



hey even the plastic ones can get you. I have some odysess’s and my legs are hurting from them. luckily i just got shin guards.

here’s of my leg


661’s!!! NOW!!!