Peak to Creek Sunday

What a day, the temperature started out warm, around 20F, -6C, and by the afternoon it was 45F, 7C. The snow on the hill was firm, as we have had our first prolonged dry spell all winter.
I wanted to enjoy the whole day, but wasnt sure which sport to go with. So… I went with THREE. The first was Ski Area winter MUni. 2000’ vertical feet, 610 meters, of ski trails in 2.5 miles, 4km. The snow was perfect for controlled slides, or just high speed spinnin. The skiers/riders loved it, and many a group stopped to say so and take some pictures. I even ventured into some bump runs, which were a blast.
I will write about my other two sports in my replies with pictures.

That pic was a Sweedish ski schooler buddy who was stoked about Sweeden winning the Gold. The next pic is about 1/2 way down my fun MUni winter run.

I then switched gear and went back up the mountain to hike to Highland Peak and tele ski down the Highland Bowl. It was still pretty early in the day, and the weather was perfect! Top of Highland Peak is 12,400’ , 3,780 meters high. The ski down was fantastic, very steep terrain, and styro foamish snow. You have to hike the last 700’ , 214 meter, vertical to get to the peak. I skiied back to the bottom of the ski area ,which is at 8000’ , 2438 meters. Highest speed achieved was 42 mph, 68 kmh. The first picture is from the peak.

THe next picture is from the ski down Highland Bowl. The run is called White Kitchen and it is steep and fun. A fall would most likely put you in a slide for life. Tele Ho!

Forgot picture, sorry.

Then, I switched gear again. I now got into my Coker gear and set off on a sweet little road ride. The trails/roads were mostly clear of snow and ice, so it was nice to let it run. By now, my legs were feeling a great day of adventure, but still had plenty of strength left. Sundays, the traffic is minimal so the little bit of road riding I had to do was nice. At one point I ride under jets landing and taking off. Today, a commercial jet took off over me, and even sweeter was a G5 landing over me. The G5 was only 200 meters over me, so the jet wash had my insides going wild. I enjoyed the rush for at least a mile.
I ended up crossing the Roaring Fork River, low point in the days adventure, stoped and took some photos. The push back to town was hard, but my legs felt really good. I made it back to the house just short of 6 hours total for my THREE sport day. High point of the day, 12,400’ , 3,780 meters, low point of the day 7000’ , 2134 meters.

This pic is from the ride back to town. Aspen Highlands ski area is in the background. Highland Peak, where I hiked to and skied down from is the high point.

One last picture, thanks for making it through this long thread. Cheers.

My oh my :astonished: i gotta get out and have a day like that! That looked like you had a serious amount of fun, and all the pictures were just fantastic.

hey mike i’m just curious, what kind of pedals you got on th@ muni in photo #1??

Crank Brothers 50/50

i thought they looked familiar.

yea mon,i have a pair fully loaded with pins and they rock in the snow!!!

Just friggin’ amazing Mike. Thanks for sharing such a great day. God I miss Utah.

Thanks, I miss Utah also. I was hoping to actually be riding in Utah that day, but stayed in Colorado instead.

Sound like you live in the perfect place to be yourself, Mike! :slight_smile:

Now we know part of your training regimen for the Mt. Washington Hillclimb… :wink:

Awesome, Mike! Makes me pine for my ski-bum days at Alta (I was 14 years away from my first unicycle, so I still haven’t done a tele/uni day).

Great 3-sport day for you.

How did you first get the OK to uni down the ski slopes? Do you just buy a lift ticket and go? Or are you such a fixture in the area that no one messes with you? Do you use a leash?

Yes - definitely

I do the same routine at every ski area, go find the Mtn. Manager first. If you can’t find him/her, find the ski patrol director. You must realize it is very unusual for them, and most likely they will resist at first. Just be nice, and maybe they will let you go.
Most important, do it first thing in the morning, before the crowds arrive.
Then, make SURE you find them again and thank them.
They will most likely hear from guests/employees how cool it was to have you on the hill and how safe you were. Be smart and make sure you obey all skiing rules.
I have a ski pass in Aspen, and the other mtns that I have MUni’ed down, I bought a day ticket.
I do not use a leash, but make a point of not letting go of it, I wan’t to be able to do it over and over. I have never done more than two runs, and am really glad the next day. It’s amazing how much of a workout it is.
FYI There have been multiple posts on this subject done previously, so try a search for more members input.

A reputation to live down to:) Small towns do have there advantages!

Speaking of Mt. Washington, I wonder is doing it this year? I see that we have no returning unicyclers, besides me. Must be because of UNICON. Are you building 29ers Dave?

Thanks steveyo, Alta is the sh…, you must have had some great times there. Tele/Uni seem to dovetail together nicely, works for me. :slight_smile: