Peak Energy Drink Their Behind the Scenes

Yo people.

This is their behind the scenes while Kevin Mcmullin and I were in Columbia. Enjoy.

-Shaun Johanneson

Neat. Was the drink good?

Wow, you guys got the movie star / stunt man treatment for three days, how incredibly cool!

How’d you hook up this gig? When do we get to see the “finished product”? I totally want to see the “jumping off the roof” shots!

…but most importantly, how are the girls in Columbia? Do they dig unicyclists?

Must drink peak, must drink peak.

Cool. How much $$$ did you get for that if you don’t mind me asking?

That was very cool, good work guys, I can see it now, “Die Hard 5…on a unicycle” or James Bond “From Russia with love…on a unicycle” or “XXX 3 on a unicycle”…ok forget the last one.

I’m interested how you got the gig, did they look for you or did you speak to them first. If they approached you it’s probably a good sign that unicycling has reached a mainstream audience in some capacity.

Good money no doubt, haha.


looks like a lot of fun.

you both should bring some peak over here to germany this weekend. haven t seen peak anywhere here.

Can’t wait for the actual commercial :smiley:

that was brilliant

The roof shots I think are contained here.

Great job guys and yes we all want to know if the girls in Columbia dig unicyclists.

Looks like the film crew could have used Brian MacKenzies glidecam expertise.

Looks like there will be plenty of Steadicam shots in the real commercial…but I can’t seem to see them riding a unicycle with them…

that was sick. true proof that unicycling is expanding to the greater public. yes, how are those Colombian chicks? I can’t wait to see the final product too.

Congratiulations Shaun, Nice Project!

Yoggi told me that he was going to do this comercial with xavier… But i think that your style is perfect for this comercial… More dynamic than xavier and yoggi…

When we will see the edited comercial???..


The Comercial!

I Found the final product, the edited comercial in You Tube!

Here is the link:

Edited Comercial on YouTube

Enjoy it… I Liked… :smiley:

Congratiulations Again Shaun! :wink:


That’s sick, I hadn’t actually seen the commercial yet! Its funny, all the filming we did wouldn’t have made me expect that that was how it would come out. It was awesome fun!!


Wow, that commercial actually came out pretty awesome. Good job guys!


the name os the COUNTRY is COLOMBIA and not COLUMBIA

What you think if we start to call USA for United Stute of Amorica ?

YEEEEEAH in Spanish! hahaha and when will we can buy this in Spain? I MUST to drink it hahaha :smiley: really nice;)

Mando demaaaais velho!.. O cara foi la e nem sabe o nome do pico!..isso pq tu ja flo que ´´e colombia aqui!..OSSO…

Alhás terça se vai la em são bernardo né?.. Dps agente se fla!

You filmed 3 days just for 30 second of comercial… That should be strange!
But i liked it… How one of the productors said on the Behind the Scenes, They really transmited a lot of Action!

That was awesome. I’m glad to see that you guys are getting some good gigs and that uni is getting recognized in the mainstream more and more.