PDF attachment preview and Github login added to unicyclist.com


I added a PFD preview feature (only works for attachments, not external links). See an example here:

It may not work on every device/browser (I’m looking at you, Safari, but I may be wrong… :eyes:)

It’s also now possible to create an account/login/link your user profile with a Github account, additionally to Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Discord:


For what it’s worth – it seems fine on Safari 15.4 on MacOS Monterey 12.3.1…

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I have several issues with Safari users on other forums, but they might use another device/Safari version.
For example, like @pierrox

If I can’t login with my AOL account I’m not logging in at all. I would settle for MySpace though.

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I can’t wait for GeoCitites to activate the syndicated login wagon :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m working on it asap!