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<p>Dear Windows User,<br> <br> Now you can boost the reliability of ordinary
Windows ME, 95 and 98 <br> to<br> nearly the level of Windows NT or
2000, Microsoft’s professional and <br> industrial version of
Windows.<br> <br> The new <font color="#FF0000"> WinFix</font> is a very
effective way to improve the reliability of<br> Windows, because it makes
Windows fault-tolerant and self-repairing. <br> And<br> <font
color="#FF0000"> WinFix</font> is very safe, because it operates completely
independent of <br> Windows.<br> <br> <span
class=“072290608-23022001”><a href=“http://00000000325.0000000030.
00000000341.00000000123/”><font face=“Arial” size=“4”><b>CLICK
HERE</b></font></a> <font face=“Arial” size=“2”> </font>
</span>to find out more about <font color="#FF0000">
WinFix</font> the safest,<br> most effective way to keep
you working,<br> by keeping your PC working
non-stop.<br> Arlen Dixon, CEO<br> <br> Westwood
Software Marketing<br> <br> <br>

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