Paypal at UDC or others.

Can anyone tell me if any of the online Unicycle outlets take paypal. I am in need of some parts, but I am not able to use a credit card. Thanks, Ben

Not that I’m aware of. If you already have the ability to take credit cards generally you don’t also have Paypal because I’m pretty sure it costs even more. If you can find an eBay seller with what you want that might be the ticket for you. Or go to the post office and buy a money order, or similar.

Yes you have it right. The credit card payments systems that have is very secure, cheap to run and safe. PayPal is more expensive and less secure for both us and you to use. Have a read of the PayPal scams that are about and you will see why we dont want to touch them.

If you don’t have a credit card have a word with US and see what other payment meathods they can support for you.


Beener, you might look into a Paypal Credit card. I tend to have a good balance in my Paypal account. I got a Payal Credit card that works like a debit card. I can now use my Paypal account anywhere that accepts Mastercard, even UDC as I used it to buy my KH24. :wink:

Yep, I got sent right out. The application takes about a minute.

Stay far, far away from PayPal. Their TOS (terms of service), which you automatically agree to by using their service, force you to waive all your rights to your money. Once PayPal gets your money, it’s theirs. It doesn’t matter what you want to do with your money, they get to decide.

everyone should read up about paypal at those sites. i had some money in an account and they froze it because i got the password wrong a few times. their support people are rude and apparently try to be as unhelpful as possible. it’s been months now and i don’t expect to see the money ever again.

Whatever… I’ve sent and recieved thousnads of dollars with my Paypal account. No Problems with Paypal. I did get ripped off by someone once, Paypal was able to recover a portion of my funds… basically they took whatever was left in his account. Not sure what else I would expect them to do, they don’t make any claims of being an escrow service.

Yeah, I have an Ebay rating of 100% and I have closed 20 transactions with the service and had no problems.
As far as UDC US goes, i have a phone call in to them to see if they will COD, but as yet, I have no return phone call, so i will wait and see, thanks everyone, Ben