Paying Unicycle Gig

I received a notice that a unicyclist is needed for a gig near Nashville, TN. If you are available and interested please respond to the below e-mail:

“We shoot July 6 from about 7 am to sundown, an hour out of Nashville, in Watertown which is off of highway 65. I need a unicyclist who is very stable, can stall and perhaps go backwards, and have some endurance. It is a small cast following Lee Ann Rimes around all day, however the unicyclist will be heavy featured in the video. It pays $250, with breakfast, lunch and dinner provide as well as snacks and water and drinks. I am open to any age/gender/race.”


Good luck,

I question their ability to find a “stable” unicyclist. This is, however, an opportunity for a rider to make the step from amateur to professional. Once a professional, always a professional. It may be only $20 an hour for one day but you will get a pay stub and pay taxes and can list your profession as unicyclist on your 1040 form next year. That’s the way I did it and I only got $25, but I’m still a professional unicyclist.

I’d PAY $250 to follow Lee Ann Rimes around all day! :smiley:

man, I would love to do this and I have wanted to take a weekend trip to Nashville for quite some time. However, I can’t stall, just hop in one place and I’m not all that good at riding backwards yet.

why don’t you do it Tommy?

I’d love to but I’m not available.


Man, 1,200 mile round trip at 23 mpg = $150 in gas. Plus two nights in a cheap motel and I could have broken even! Wish I had seen this earlier!

ooooo sacked by the german team,i got this page about…8 days to late.

Did anyone take the job?