Paying unicon registration with no credit card or internet banking?

So I have to pay registration for unicon, preferably by the end of August so it doesn’t get more expensive. I did not bother to email unicon because in the past I have never been given a reply from others like

My question is, is there anyway of paying unicon registration now with out paying by the internet or by credit card. My parents don’t have a credit card and DON"T plan on getting one. As for internet banking my parents never have, they are hopeless at using a computer and don’t trust it with all these scams and things.

I read something about paying by something like “WIRE” and I think you can do that with a local bank but I don’t know how this works or anything.

Hope you can help.


Hi Brandon,

Could you please email Unicon 15. It might take a few days to answer, but that’s the only way you’ll be able to get wire transfer instructions.

Wire fees are variable, but all banks will be able to do it for you. The alternative is for the bank to write you out an international bank cheque in NZ$ and send it to Unicon 15.

Look forward to seeing you there,

Ken Looi
Unicon XV

Another thing you could do is buy a Visa gift card at a local store for the amount you need and use that to pay your fees.