Pawn shop find

I’m a kid and I’m looking for my first unicycle. I found one at a pawn shop for $75.00. I searched the internet, but can’t find any information on this specific model. It has an M Uni sticker on the frame and an Axiom seat. It also has a “Twenty” sticker on the forks. Is anyone able to tell me if this is worth $75.00?

Maybe like this in the two links below?

Either way, if it seems operational - it sounds like at worst its a reasonable price, and at best its a steal of a deal. Thats just my best guess.

Edit: here is another discussion that may or may not be helpful:

Thank you very much! I think that 2016 Axiom is the same unicycle.
It doesn’t sound like this is anything special. Should I save my money
and buy something different?

Thats a big question that only you can really answer. Depends on factors such as what kind of unicycling do you want to do (mountain, road, trials, etc.), and how much money can you throw at this hobby, etc.

Yeah I guess i’ll have to figure that out. Thank you.

That Axiom name sounds kind of familiar, but nothing is coming to mind. In the 20" size you’re basically talking about 3 types of unicycle. Beginner/budget unicycles, freestyle unicycles and trials unicycles.

Trials unis are actually 19" unicycles, but they are often called 20’s. If it’s a trials uni then it’s a steal for $75. Trials is essentially doing obstacle courses on unicycles and the guys who are good at it are amazing. They will hop up and over walls and ride along handrails and the unicycles made for it have to be both lightweight and tough as nails. If it’s got a 19" wheel then it’s a trials uni.

Freestyle is essentially unicycle dance. Google Unicircle Flow if you want to see some amazing talent. The defining traits of a freestyle uni will be very short cranks and tires and pedals that are designed to not mark or damage gym floors. $75 is probably a very good deal for a freestyle uni.

Lastly, you’ve got the budget unis. These are just the cheap unis that most of us got for Christmas or found in our uncle’s barn and then learned to ride on. There’s nothing special about them and they’re likely made in China. $75 for one of these is top dollar and you’ll probably find 3 or 4 on Craigslist or Offerup at any given time for half that price.

What I can pretty much guarantee you it is not is a “muni” or mountain unicycle.


Axiom is directly related to Norco. Those unis have nothing different that another learner unicycle except for the saddle. At 75$ it’s a good price, it’s a good uni to learn to ride. Once you get serious in the sport it’s worth looking into a different uni completely rather than putting money in those ones.

Are you in Canada? M-uni is what my local bikeshop used to sell before I started working there hahaha.


Norco makes pretty respectable bikes. I doubt they would want to be associated with a POS product.