Paul's How To ... Mount a giraffe :)

  • So the motion is: left foot on tyre (if you’re that way round), right on

  • the pedal, left on the pedal, seat in. Imagine this all happening, and

  • you just being propelled upwards (straight back, uni vertical(ish)).

  • It’s important to look forward and not let the uni lean forward.

  • Imagine how the weight is transferred. The weight transfers need to be

  • more or less complete, not sharing. left right backside.

  • Good luck!

  • Cheers, Paul.

That sounds cool and basically how I tried to mount a giraffe unicycle. However,
I tried it on a DM 5-8 foot set on the 5 foot mode. I figure that if you were
look at a 8 foot, the peddles are a long long long way away from the tire. This
is just my theory. Can you still mount in the same way?


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