Paul Wyganowski

Hi everyone,
A group of Coker riders here in Austin, Texas are interested in
buying some of the handles that Paul made for the European Unicycle Tour
this past summer. Does anyone know how to get in contact with him? TIA.


Re: Paul Wyganowski

Paul Wyganowski at Osell’s Custom Bike Shop:

He does excellent work. I don’t have the handle, but he made me a frame last

David Maxfield
Bainbridge Island, WA

Re: Paul Wyganowski

>Paul Wyganowski at Osell’s Custom Bike Shop:
>He does excellent work. I don’t have the handle, but he made me a frame last

I live in Minneapolis and was in Osell’s just this afternoon. The owner there
is retiring and the shop will close soon, in about a month from what I
understand. As of a few days (?) ago Mr. Wyganowski is no longer working there.
I’m not sure what shop he’s with now, if any, but apparently he is still in the
business. Contact Osell’s for more info, or someone at the the Twin Cities
Unicycle Club could probably tell you…

There’s still at least one Coker hanging from the ceiling there, if anyone
needs one…

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Re: Paul Wyganowski

Paul is working at another shop in the Twin Cities to retain insurance beni’s
until his wife gets done with school and becomes gainfully employed… at that
time I think Paul plan’s on working exclusively out of his home shop.

here’s the info from Paul’s current business card:

Phone 651.772.2861

Custom built bicycles and unicycles

Paul Wyganowski
1582 Ivy Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55106

hope this helps

dustin kelm
Unicycling Productions