*pats self on back* I finally got somewhere SIF!!! Woohoo!!!

i made four pedal rotations SIF. very wobbly, yes, but four nonetheless. i kept falling so i put on my wrist guards and rolled up my jeans for makeshift knee pads. that helped. i also did about ten rotations on my stomach but every time i tried to show someone i’d take a really bad digger. :stuck_out_tongue: thats fate for ya! anyway, i’m really happy. :smiley:

did my suggestions help or did you just kinda wobble your own way through it? either way congrats…it feels good when you finally get thore first few revs in eh?


whoa yeah it felt good to get through those. gave me something to work with. :wink: your suggestions really helped i appreciate it a lot. thanks!

Awesome =p

It tires you out pretty quick, but after a few practices that will go away.