Patagonian Unicycle Marathon

Last Saturday (December 4) Martin Luthard and me participated in the “3 Patagonian cities” marathon with our unicycles.

The “3 Patagonian cities” is a full marathon (42k) that starts on the Gaiman City, passes through Trelew city and ends on the Rawson city (Argentina, South America)

It was a very nice race, with nice landscapes, and well-organized.

I would say that this marathon is much tougher than the Düsseldorf Marathon since you have front wind almost all the race… and it is not an easy task to ride 42k against the wind.

I profited the opportunity to do some tourism and I visited the penguins and the whales :slight_smile:

This was the 1st time that the organizers let the unicyclist participate on the marathon and hopefully it won’t be the last. If so, next year, I’ll announce the race on this forum, so that you can also participate in this race! :slight_smile:

Here is the map of the race:

Here are some photos of the marathon:

Very Good! It seems that everything went very well after all.
It is the first time something like that is done in South America and I really hope they can continue doing so every year.
Thanks for sharing the photos, very nice!!!:slight_smile:

Nice pink uni!

It looks like fun. It was a very flat ride and it was all downhill–all 56 feet of it!


@ca99medina: Yes, everything went well and I’m eager to participate again on this marathon! :slight_smile:
But I had some issues with my unicycle… in km 39, I fall and my handle bar broke (a KH handle bar), so the last 3 KM I had to ride with it on one hand.

@scott: yes, the ride was almost all downhill… but you should not underestimate the power of the wind :slight_smile:

In case you are interested in the marathon, here are some pictures of the things that you can do after and/or before the race:

Tourism in Patagonia:

Cool pictures!!! Lots of wild life to see over there!!!

I’m seriously considering going to Argentina maybe next year. The second Latin American Unicycling Convention and Championships are going to be there and I want to go. It’s going to be a lot of fun!!!


Yes, I think the 2nd LAUCC will be held in Trelew, in the same city as the marathon. So it would be great that the 2nd LUACC will be held near December so the unicyclists can participate in both the LUACC and the marathon.

If fact, the marathon could be an event of the LUACC.

I think that Martin Luthard will organize LUACC. I’ll send him an email.