Pat and Eli- Christmas Special

Here. This was posted in RSU, and it should have been here.
A video by Pat Lally and Eli Brill.

wow nice vid guys really nice. trey flips were sweet and the varial flip looked nuts as.

yeah cool vid:D

your treyflips and kickflips look really nice.

its really cool:D


Thanks for the Comments.

oh no, you’re making me get into a bad mood because i can’t keep up with you in learning new tricks fast :frowning: nah, that’s some nonsense. I’ll just do what i like doing :slight_smile:

very nice. you guys need to grow some big white beards.

lol well just keep practicing and how long have you been riding?

we tried but we couldnt do it that fast for the video, sorry

I have been riding in… around 1½ year. i can do doubleflips twohanded and varialflips with really really bad consistency. I’m not good at anything down sets, because the only stairs there is, is a 2 set, that’s harder to land crankflips down than the 4 set thats 50 metres away from that.

I have been riding for 1 year 3 months i can doubleflip one handed just keep practicing on that 2 set


i enjoyed it really cool i liked the trey flips

i will :slight_smile: