Passing out

Well, I thought all this riding meant I wasn’t really 51 but perhaps 30 something. Low 30s.

Turns out riding in 95 degree weather at my age perhaps isn’t that smart anymore.

I went for a 4.4 mile ride at the end of which I fainted in my garage. One second I was checking my Everytrail tracking app and the next I was waking up and wondering what I was doing on the ground. After managing to hang my unicycle back up on the rack and unlock the door from the garage to the house, I woke up again half in and half out of the garage. I believe my first thought this second time literally was WTF.

I know some of you are anti-helmet but I’m sure glad I was wearing mine both times. I wish my eye glasses had been wearing a helmet too. I’m going to need a new pair.

I’m really pissed off because I had come to think of myself as invincible when out riding a unicycle. And now the one thing that really made me feel free is no longer available anytime I like. Fuck!


I’m not a Dr. and very lkely your experiance was heat related, but don’t hesitate to see your own Dr. to insure that there are no underlying conditions here.

I experienced similar concerns during strenuos workout conditions and was diagnosed as being hypoglycemic (very low blood sugar levels)

Knowing what might be wrong will be the first step to insuring that you are going to be able to continue doing what you like. :slight_smile:

If you had been feeling steadily worse for some time it was

almost certainly the heat. If you went out without warning I’d say you’d better see a doctor.

Harley, thanks. I actually have diabetes and the first thing I did after I regained my composure was to check my blood sugar level. It was 98 which is just about perfect. I do work hard to be careful about such things.

Scary stuff. Be careful out there, everyone, especially in the heat.

I intended to ride a century yesterday, but we had a heat index of 103, so I went for a short ride and came home. I can’t afford to risk myself like that… it’s dangerous stuff, heat exhaustion.

are you on blood pressure medication? If so, the prescribing doc should be contacted, you may have to tweak the dose. Either way, make sure your primary care physician hears about this. It could be heat related, or another, more insidious issue that pops up only after you err yourself in hot weather.

oops terrible! really hope that you will conclude that, after all, unicycling is in fact good for you …
please get well !
edit: I really hate heat! now summer is here and it’s my worst season.

I actually had the most problems with that when I was in the best shape of my life, racing mtb’s. My resting pulse had dropped down into the 30’s, so I had plenty of time between heartbeats to do things like stand up, with no blood pumping. I blacked out pretty often, and ended up on the floor a couple of times, until I learned to stand up a little more slowly…

… anyway I wouldn’t declare yourself hopelessly old and out of shape quite yet. I’m 51, and if I couldn’t ride in 90 deg heat, I wouldn’t be able to ride half of the year here (Atlanta).

When I saw the 98 I thought to myself “Jeez, that’s a bit high.”
Then I realised that you’re using the new method for your blood count.
98 on the old count score would mean your blood would be the same consistency as strawberry jam.

Good to hear you’re still in one piece.

Summer is here. Be careful out there! Everyone should read this thread on MTBR. Know how to recognize the signs. Heat stroke is no joke!

My blood pressure is and always has been on the low side.

Hope you’re feeling ok now mate.

I’m so sorry. It was 92 here today and I decided to not ride. I hope you are feeling alright.

same for me I have pretty low blood pressure and I have often “black veil” sensations when standing up.
alas this is part of the problem with 36" free-mounting the sudden up movement can alter my consciousness.