Passing on 26" for the 29" Torker

Hey folks,
After much thought on my 3rd uni purchase, I’ve decided to WAIT for the 29" Torker with the alloy frame in spring 2007 then buy the 26" Torker now.
I was looking to increase my skill level with the 26 uni but also use it as a commuter. This is because my Coker is too big to lug around in the train/bus/car. However, I can’t bring myself to go smaller then a 29".
This new 29" Torker looks like a mini-Coker! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope I am making a right decision. :wink:

Or you could just buy-a-da Nimbus 29erizzle! Nimbi are the shizi! :wink:

Yeah, the nimbus 29er is awesome. I just got mine recently. Very impressed with it.

ya i’ve been thinking about the 26 inch torker myself. I wouldn’t fit on a 29er but I’m tired of spinning out on my 20 inch.

From video forum response:
No, I haven’t ridden a 26" LX, but what are you going to use it for? Just riding around? What’s your budget? etc.