are pashley any good im gettin lots off different views on them and its confusing me (it dont take much to do this by the way)so wondering what you guys thought of them.

Pashley were good at a time when little else was available. They haven’t really updated their models in the last 10 years or so, and with the advances in unicycle technology they’ve been left behind. They’re perfectly good quality, but as an exmaple their 26" muni doesnt have a splined hub, doesnt have a strong wide rim, can’t support decent tyres, has an agonising saddle etc. but it very cheap by comparison. My first ever uni was a pashley, and personally i wouldn’t buy another one.

bscailly dont get one, its the old school uni…

for unicycle geeks only. Bad saddles/rounded frames/thin tyres / weak thin rims / weak hubs / rubbish cranks / bad pedals.

they just need to remake some new ones…

i got given 1 for free lol so im not complaining i alredy have my own uni all be it not the best unicycle goin but it does me .this is just another 1 that i have m8s dad owned a bike shop and he stocked them the bike shop then closed and all his old stock got moved there it was only yesterday when we went to the shed to get my m8 some new cranks for his bmx when i seen these few unis in the corner 2 20" and 1 26"so we dug them out and he said i could have thats the story.

I have a Pashley 26 MUni. It is solid, well built, medium spec. It is also very very heavy.

I also own a KH and some Nimbuses. I would not buy another Pashley, knowing what I now know.

I just sent Pashley and email asking if they will be upgrading their technology. It will be interesting to see their response. Having another option to choose from in the future would be great.

It would be cool, but I can’t see it ever happening, pashley’s niche isn’t high performance, it’s making things you can’t get elsewhere i.e. three wheelers, recumbants, multi-person bikes etc.

They make some fantastic stuff - I once rode a Pashley tandem, and they made my first unicycle too - a UMX 20".

But they’re off the pace now.

They used to make a couple of recumbents (the PDQ, which my next door neighbour rides, and the PDQ3), but I believe they were both discontinued several years ago.

Even when they /were/ making bents, it’s not as if you couldn’t get them elsewhere.

They were forerunners but have been left behind which is a shame. I rode my 26 for years.