pashley vs. kris holm muni

Since you guys all know so much about muni stuff, i was wondering if someone could tell me what is better about a kris holm muni versus a pashley muni. and why is the hunter muni so expensive?!

What the hell is a Pashley unicycle? is this a new company? Post a link to their website.

Stronger cranks
Stronger hub
Stronger frame

Do you see a pattern emerging?

Better seat
Better pedals
Better seatpost
Brake mounts fitted
More options for tyre width
Better bearing mounts

Is that a help?

Oh I forgot to say, I have a 26" Pashley, and I am planning a 24" Kris Holm.


look at the website under mountain unicycles and there are pashleys there. it says that pashley is the first manufacturer to mass produce mountain unicycles. our club has one and one kh. although i don’t know much about them, so i wanted to hear what people have to say. i see the pashley is less expensive so what are the benefits of the kh over it?

pashlys are the bottom of the line, KHs are up there with profiles.

you dealing with one of the best munis and one of the worst munis.

Pashley is a bicycle company. They made the first commercially-available MUni, called the Pashley Muni. These came out around 1997 or so. They have not changed much since then, which pretty much explains the difference between them and a KH MUni.

The KH has all the latest innovations, the most important of which are:

  • splined axle and cranks
  • lightweight aluminum frame
  • state-of-the-art seat

The Pashley seat is in its own category: different.

The Hunter is best compared to the Kris Holm “Pro Series” unicycles. They are expensive because the frames are hand-made, in the United States, by expert bike framebuilders. They are kind of outdated when compared to the mass-produced high-end unicycles you can now buy. Go hand-made when you need something that isn’t mass-produced in high quality, such as a Coker frame. Hunter makes a great one of those, but it still isn’t cheap. Rick Hunter, and Hunter bikes, are a household name among cyclists in the Santa Cruz area.

Pashleys are the original. They just got out classed and didn’t keep up with the developing trends.

Hello Uniprincess!

I recommended not purchasing a Pashley because as everyone has posted here, they are out of date. The Twin Cities Unicycle Club Pashley is my old Pashley that I sold to the club. Now I have a Bedford Muni. I would contact Darren and see how much a Muni would cost coming from Toronto. I have a Bedford MUni frame with a splined hub and a KH seat. I threw on some pedals that I used in the unicycle across MN and I have had great success with my MUni.

If you are trying to get it before Moab, I would try contacting Darren today.

Good luck babes!

thanks everyone!
Irene, are you going to MOAB??
what is the difference between your unicycle that you have now and a kh? i am looking to buy one possibly and Jamey is also possibly looking into it, i know he likes the kh that the club has. i’ll give darren a quick email and see what he has. thanks!
i’m looking forward to seeing you when you come into town on tuesday irene! we have to get together to buy stuff at target and do that picture joe lind was talking about doing for the t-shirts! i leave next friday for florida with jamey for a week, so we’ll have to plan on it sometime between tues. and friday. i’ll see what joe has in mind. talk to ya soon.

I think Hunter frame’s are very reasonable for custom unicycles handmade in the US. If you want yours made specifically for you to your specifications in a particular color, Rick can do that for you.

Another thing to consider is that when you buy a Hunter, you are supporting a local craftsperson. (well, local to some of us).

The KH unicycles are an incredible value, and if I were in the market for a new MUni, there is no doubt that is what I’d get. However, when you buy a KH, you’re getting the exact same unicycle as everyone else.

I think our culture is a little jaded, and we are used to having very low-priced mass-produced products. When we see the products of expert craftspeople, we balk at the prices.

As somebody who owns a Pashley Muni, I would definitely reccomend to avoid Pashley.

The two best reasons I can give you:
-The lollipop style bearing holders are a nightmare. Most frames don’t use them and Pashley is one of the few that does.

-You cannot put a wide (above 2.6") tire in that frame. Most people like the widest tire they can get for Muni.

I keep telling myself I’m going to trade up for a KH24 “soon”.

If you want a Muni that’s a bit less expensive and you know your not going to give it a lot of abuse, I would say take a look at the “Yuni” selection at or something similar.

i guess my question now would be, what makes a kh better than a yuni. I’m a chick and so i am not a hardcore munier, just do it for fun, sooooooo… thanks for the responses!

I’m sorry I don’t know about Yunis, but I am with nbrazzi in that I have a Pashley as I have said, and I wouldn’t buy another one, it was fine for what I wanted to do before, but now I want to do more.

I would think that one of the main issues would be how much you can afford. I don’t think I have heard anybody on this newsgroup go against 2005 Kris Holm Unicycles. If you decide to go for one you will not be disappointed.

If money is an issue, Onza unicycles are a very good choice if you can’t justify the price of the Kris Holm, they share the same hub, and they are very strong Unicycles, if you ever watch one of Dark Tom’s videos on the Unicyclist Gallery you will see the Onza’s put up with a lot of hard use.

I am going to go for a Kris Holm myself though, I know it will be good, and they just look so cool.


In an on-going tradition of giving two reasons, here’s two reasons why the KH is such a good choice…

A) Splined hubs & cranks used to be super expensive, and they were all but necessary if you were giving your muni tons of abuse. The hub and cranks are among the first things to break, but splined sets are much more durable. These new KH and onza and similars now make it so you can afford splined hubs and cranks without spending a million dollars on a Profile hub.

  1. It was completely designed by one of the most experienced off road riders around. AND its the 2nd generation of that design. So, its built strong and comfy in all the places that an experienced Muni rider wants it to be strong and comfy.

They Yunis do not come with splined cranksets (unless you pay extra for the Profile upgrade, but we’re not going there). The frame is probably the best generic taiwanese mass produced frame - but its still a generic taiwanese mass produced frame. It’s not as strong, light, or pretty as the KH frame.

I would say the Yuni with the right configuration is a very respectable Muni which costs less than the KH. It just won’t stand up the the type of abuse that you see in Universe 2. Also, I think its heavier. And its not as pretty. But if you get it with the KH saddle, it probably “feels” about the same as the KH.

I wish I knew all this stuff back before I bought the pashley.

Avoid the Pashley for the reasons already mentioned (lollipop bearing holders and inability to take a fat tyre).

Concerning yuni/nimbus and the KH muni: -

The yuni/nimbus is a superb budget uni- it takes 3" tyres, has decent bearing holders and for riding that doesn’t involve high drops, it is excellent (I’ve had one for 3/4 years, done lots of miles on it and it’s still fine).

The KH has all that, plus splined hub, so it can take really high drops without breaking.

Hey Lindsey,
You may end up eventually becoming a hardcore rider though :slight_smile:

The Yuni is fine for general offroad riding. Where it falls down is when you start attempting larger drops. As you are fairly light as riders go you will probably be able to do small drops (ie around a foot), ride down stairs etc on a Yuni with no problems.

The first thing riders generally break on an offroad unicycle is their cranks. They then need to buy better cranks. A heavy or hard core rider may also break their axle.
A splined axle and crank set like on the KH is MUCH stronger than the Yuni axle and crank set.

A standard unicycle like your freestyle one has what is called a “japanese industry standard square taper axle”. The Miyata unicyles come with suzue axles which are one of the stronger square taper axles available. I have broken two of these in the last few years and over a dozen pairs of cranks. A splined crank set would have saved me money in the long run.

While you can buy good cranks for a sqare taper axle they are no where as near as good as splined cranks.

If you don’t ever intend to do big drops then it may be worth going for a Yuni. Some people don’t like the Yuni frames as much (I find them more likely to bash my legs).

If you buy a Yuni you also have the option of a 26’" wheel as well as a 24" wheel. The bigger the wheel the faster you go and the easier it is to roll over stuff. Unfortunately the harder it is to jump up stuff so it is a bit of a compromise. For longish Muni rides without large drops I find a 26" unicycle more fun.

Later and happy purchasing,