Pashley Unicycles (was Re: FAQ rough draft)

Dear unicyclists,

>Pashleys have a circular casting around the bearing with a pin that is inserted
>up the tupes of the fork. Each pin is held in place with two bolts. I >am not
>impressed; most Pashleys I see rattle a bit in this area. The work loose, and
>there’s no way to tighten them.

“bolts” is hardly the right description - they are little screws. I have a
Pashley which is very nice in other respects but I wouldn’t tell anyone else to
buy a Pashley until this fault is designed out. I may try drilling out the
holes and rethreading them for larger screws but I fear that this would only be
a temporary reprive. Unless you are prepared to glue/weld the thing together
AVOID Pashley.

Nick M