Pashley Unicycle on Ebay.

I found this unicycle on ebay. Im not the seller but thought someone might be interested in it.

Not many specs about it. It seems to look funny but it may just be me.

That’s a bit of an odd description, I’ve ridden a pretty much identical one, it’s a fine unicycle but i don’t think i can think of anything worse for Muni.


From the pic, it doesn’t look like a typical Pashley.

Real Pashleys are fine for MUni.

It’s not a typical Pashley, at least for an adult. My son has a 20" Pashley Muni, however, and the e-bay model looks the same (except for the seat, where ours came with a Miyata because I ordered it that way). Can’t be absolutely certain because it’s such a poor photo from a contrast perspective.

The seller isn’t a rider, or they wouldn’t be talking about muni as a “new form of mountain biking”. The inseam stuff is way off as well.

If you have a kid who wants to do muni, and is in the 7-11 age range and below or not too much above 100 pounds, this could be a decent option. My son has enjoyed his Pashely immensely, and has done many miles of muddy trail riding. For a used kid’s muni, it wouldn’t be bad. I’ll be selling a similar model within the next year, because my son’s now topped 100 pounds, and is getting big enough for a 24".

If you’re a bigger person, this isn’t for you.