Pashley Pictures and Review

If anyone is interested, I finally got around to putting up some

pictures of my Pashley Muni and my Miyata. See

I also wrote a short review on the Pashley (which is on the page with

the Pashley pictures). If anyone has any comments on the review, or any

general comments on the Pashley, please let me know and I will include

it in the review.

I am especially interested in seeing if anyone has had any failures on

the Pashley. It has been out for long enough that I’m sure someone has

had a problem with it. Let me know if you have had a failure.

Also, if you were wondering what the Sacramento guys are up to, check

out my new web page,

I’ll admit, it is mainly for mountain bikers, but hopefully I’ll put

some more uni stuff on there sometime. The web page is a listing of

some trails in Northern California. I have unicycled every trail listed

on the page, and John Foss has ridden most of them, so now you know how

we spend our free time (if there is such a thing). Thanks to John for

most of the pictures on the page!

Seeya on the trails,

    Brett Bymaster

    <a href=""></a>

    <a href=""></a>


    In Indiana, and Muning in the snow!