Pashley muni rim ERD

Does anyone know the ERD of the rim that comes on recent 26" Pashley Munis? I tweaked mine a couple weeks ago, and while I’ve mostly beaten it back into shape, I’d like to upgrade to something more robust in the near future (probably when my 24x3 comes). There are a lot of good 26" MTB rims out there, and I’m thinking of choosing one such that I can keep the same spokes. I’m not really a wheel builder, I’m just a man with a spoke wrench, but I get coaching from a two wheeled friend.

The rim says:
“ALESA - ALLOY - 119 - T11 - 559x19 - MADE IN BELGIUM.”
I can’t find it in any of the online databases, and the Rigida/Alesa site is closed for remodeling.

You can just remove one of the spokes ahead of time, and measure it and get a rim that will permit the same length spoke. You don’t need to know the ERD of the old rim, just the new.

That said, that’s not a very good way to do things. Your new wheel should be all new. Save the old wheel and put a nice road tire on it like the Conti Town and Country on it. You can use that wheel for trips to town, or to practice one-footed stuff. Or you can put a studded tire on it for winter. Then just swap wheels when you feel like it.

One reason that it’s not a very good idea is that the spokes take a cold set at various points corresponding to their role in the wheel stress. Unless you get the spokes in exactly the same place in the new wheel, they are set the wrong way and are actually weaker. Another reason is that, since the old wheel is weaker than the (by definition) stronger new wheel, spoke wear (such as fretting) that occurred on the old wheel will just transfer to the new wheel. That will lead to premature spoke failure on the new wheel and possible related damage to the the new rim. Considering the time, effort, and cost of building a wheel, it’s just not worth it to use old spokes.

My two cents.

Studded tyres sound like fun … wish there was more snow here in London.

Right now I’m using a DMR MOTO 26x2.2, which is a nice tyre for urban and smooth trails. The trouble is the rim is a meager 23mm wide, whereas the tyre is about 53mm, so it folds over if there’s a crosswind. I’d like a wider rim for stability as well as strength.

BTW, how wide is the Town & Country?

OK, I can see that, particularly as my current spokes are holding a slightly bent rim true.

I would like to recycle the hub though … my uni budget is tight since I bought the 24x3.

Town and Country.