Pashley Muni Review and Pictures

For Pashley Muni Pictures and Miyata pictures, see

I also wrote a short review on the Pashley (which is on the page with the
Pashley pictures). If anyone has any comments on the review, or any general
comments on the Pashley, please let me know and I will include it in the review.
I am especially interested in seeing if anyone has had any failures on the
Pashley. It has been out for long enough that I’m sure someone has had a problem
with it. Let me know if you have had a failure.

Also, if you were wondering what the Sacramento guys are up to, check out my new
web page, I’ll admit, it is mainly for
mountain bikers, but hopefully I’ll put some more uni stuff on there sometime.
The web page is a listing of some trails in Northern California. I have
unicycled every trail listed on the page, and John Foss has ridden most of them,
so now you know how we spend our free time (if there is such a thing). Thanks to
John for most of the pictures on the page!

Seeya on the trails, Brett Bymaster
ihave@too.many.addresses In Indiana, and Muning in the snow!

Re: Pashley Muni


> I have just received the following mail after I posted someting on
> about where to buy Pashley Munis. Unfortunately he
> grassed you up as a Pashley dealer!!! Is this true? If it is can you get hold
> of these and at what damage!

Yep I am, and have one 26" Muni, blue in stock at the moment, cost 115ukp. I can
also get more in less than 5 days, they only do 2 colours, grey and blue as
standard, although you can get it in any colour for an extra 15ukp. I can also
sell you replacment seats for it, I have some Viscount seats in stock at the
moment, 25ukp. Most people don’t like the Pashley one.

> I’ve also read about your carbon fibre unicycles, Any chance of you making any
> more of these?

I am in the middle of making a batch of the new Mk5, should be readly in about 4
weeks time, just finishing the waxes for the crowns as the moment. Work has been
slowing up the production. More information on them is available at:

> I’ve also been overtaken by someone (maybe you) on one of the Polaris events
> (up the hill towards the finish of the 95 Kielder I think but they’ve all
> merged into one!). Very embarassing, maybe a case of one wheel good, two
> wheels bad.

Keilder certainly finished on a hill and we were on “a mission” going up that
last hill. Duncan, Iain and myself were riding then. Are you doing the next one,
March 28/29th: and it is localish to me

It is likely to favour one-wheel racers. I have forms if you need them. I am
looking for a partner to do it with, any offers?



                           North East England