Pashley 29 vs Semcycle XL 700c?

So, I’ve got a bit of cash to buy the last unicycle I’ll be able to buy for a long time. I’m trying to decide if I want to grab a Semcycle XL 700c with some upgrades (which I can afford right now) or if I should save up a bit more for a Pashley 29 touring. What’s your opinion? Pashley or Semscycle XL

What are your thoughts? the Semcycle comes with a Holm saddle, by the way. Is it better than that with which the Pashely comes standard? What difference does it make?
(thanks to for the loan of the photos)

pashley has the lollipop bearing holders i think and that isnt all that great :roll_eyes:

the KH seat is much more comfy and won’t kill your balls. For a touring uni you are definatly going to want something you can sit on for hours.

That is about the only thing I can say about it though, I don’t know much about the pashley.

I hav had a Pashley for a few years now and i still Love it! Nothing worse than a few flat tires, and I have ridden the crap out of it:D . I wrote a review of it, I was looking for it to do a follow up when I saw this post.
Pashley, so bloody English.

Both frames are fine; I’ve put hard use on both. The lollipop holders are very good ones; nothing like the cheap unicycles at all.

I personally havn’t rode on either, but I’ve read that the square crown frame like on the semcycle can be a killer on the knees when you get to that size unicycle.