I’m going to be staying at Caltech from mid-June to mid-August, and I’m hoping to bring the uni with me.

Anybody reading this from around that area?

I’m from Dublin. Not exactly close. I ought to say I know where Pasadena is because I live in the same state.

Haha, alright then, does anybody live in or around Pasadena?

The USA National convention was in Monrovia in 1998. That’s the next town over. Unfortunately, the group hosting the convention was an elementary school club, which I have not heard from since. Jenni White, the MUni-riding host of that convention has dropped out of the unicycling scene.

C’mon LA-area unicyclists, speak up!

I am 40 miles west of Pasadena. I will email you via your profile. I just can’t do it right now. I can follow up this weekend. I know another rider closer to Pasadena.

I live in Venice, half hour from Pasadena. I hit the local trails on Sat. and Sun. every weekend, or lately have been driving up to Santa Barbara where I’ve been getting schooled. Love to have a partner on any of these junkets.



I PM’d you.

Thanks guys. I responded and sent some PMs. Hopefully we can set something up.