Pasadena California - 3rd annual juggling, uni festival

Mark your calendars!
3rd Annual South Pasadena Juggling and Unicycle Mini-Festival (one day only)
When: Saturday, May 15 10am to 10pm.
Who: Jugglers and unicyclers of all ages. Beginners welcome!
Where: South Pasadena Middle School Gym (Rollin St near Fair Oaks) see directions.
Where: (directions) Thomas Guide 595-H3
What: Mostly just having fun juggling. BUT will also have games, workshops, food…
Cost: Free
How can you help? Volunteer to teach a workshop, provide places to stay, spread the word.
Where to stay? There are several jugglers in the area who are willing to let you stay with them.
Questions? Contact Bryan <langholz AT usc DOT edu>
(replace the AT and DOT with the usual symbols).

I am not involved in this, just passing it along.