Party Time in Texas!!!!!!!!!

I got an invitation for all of us uni riders in the area. Here’s where it’s happening, hope ya’ll get to join in the fun:

Oh yea, I forgot to mention, print out the flyer for free admission.

Oops, I almost double posted. Sorry 'bout that

Don’t forget to print out the flyer so that you’ll be entitled to free admission!


Sounds like fun. I will try to be there one of the days, but I’m not sure yet. Thanks.

Scott Wallis

Hey Scott, I plan to try to head up on Friday after work and spend the whole weekend. I’m bring all three uni’s, mountain bike and boat so I should have enough “toys” to stay entertained. I’m looking forward to the “late-night- let’s get drunk and learn how to ride a uni” session with the bicyle riders. hehehe

Hey Kenny, what are the trails like compared to OP or Comfort, and is this a one-time opening of the grounds, or can you go anytime?

I haven’t been on the trails yet. From what I understand, they are open anytime. A few of the MOJO’s have been building them for awhile and I think I heard someone mention that there are around 10 miles of singletrack as of now.

Here’s a map showing where the group shelters are after you enter the park, we’ll be at #3 according to the flyer:

The park is off of 306, 17 miles west of 35N or 14 miles east of 281N depending on which direction you come in from

Hey Doug,
Here’s a pic from the Madrone Trail @ Canyon Lake:


I’m not going to make it, too many things going on. I’m sure you guys will have a blast. I would like to ride that trail sometime.


Scott, I’ll let you know how it was after the weekend’s over

How was the Muni terrain and the rest of the weekend, Kenny?

Hey Doug,
Sorry I never posted about the aftermath of the weekend. We had a wild time at MOJOFEST. Partied hard Friday night and then everybody went for a ride Sat morning. I took the MUni out and rode about half the trails and they are Muni friendly. Right now there is only about 6 miles of trails cut in on the north side of the lake (off 306). I got in quite a few short rides throughout the weekend. Saturday afternoon about 50 of us went toobin’
We took my boat out after that and then partied some more.
Sunday morning they had a group ride followed by a dirt criterium and it all culminated with the “Stupid Bike Tricks”. Check the following link for some gret pics: