Where do you guys get parts,any good online stores?, i get pedals and tire and rims from tartybikes

I’ve ordered from Compulsion Cycles a few times and have had good luck so far:

I’ve gotten some hard-to-find NOS parts from them that other places didn’t have.


Never ordered from here, but it looks good.

I’ve ordered from Grin (eBikes) before. Others were out of stock on a seat post I wanted. Didn’t have any problems.

LBS has a lot of stuff I need. If it’s unicycle specific, than UDC can’t be beat usually.

In the USA, west coast, you have also wiith unicycles and some parts. Their customer service is very nice (tested over the phone).

Most of the time, you will have to shop around the different websites for the unicycle-specific parts and can go to any online bike store/LBS for any parts that are generic.

Here’s another