Parts Sale, Pick Up at NAUCC

I’ve got a bunch of parts laying around my room:

Blue KH Clamp (not pictured)–never used-- $7
Red K1 Clamp–lightly used-- $5
Red TryAll Drilled rim–lightly used-- $50
Black K1 Devil frame–lightly used but a few dents-- $35
Red TryAll pedals–lightly used, scratched ends-- $15

I can get more pictures if you’d like. I don’t really want to mess with shipping and paypal and stuff so only post if you’ve got a way to pick up and pay at NAUCC. If you think any of my prices are unreasonable, feel free to make an offer. :slight_smile:

I’ll take the blue clamp. The paint on mine looks bad now

You’ve got a nimbus frame right? I dunno if it’ll fit. :sunglasses:

Oh yeah I checked UDC and they’re different sizes, I thought they were the same

Im Interested in buying the red clamp, rim, and pedals…I will be attending Naucc i’d be down to meet you there and make the exchange.

Ok cool, you can have dibs on that stuff. :slight_smile:

So the blue clamp and frame are still up.

Found some more stuff, here’s whats available right now:

Kodak Zx1 (can record in HD at 60 fps)-- $70
4GB SD card (used in camera)-- $10
Blue KH Clamp (not pictured)–never used-- $7
Black K1 Devil frame–lightly used but a few dents-- $35


Edit: If anyone has a seatcover that they aren’t using I’ll trade you the blue clamp for it, or take $5 off anything.

!? youre sellin your zx1? how comeeee?

if i was goin to naucc, i’d totally buy it for 70$ :stuck_out_tongue: