Parts Sale, Pick Up at NAUCC 2011

Well, these parts have been sitting in the corner of my room a bit too long. Let me know if you want to buy something, and I’ll bring it to Madison Wisconsin for this year’s NAUCC and you can pick it up. :slight_smile:

Prices are negotiable.

Black Quax 20" Frame, fits a 25.4 mm seatpost (I believe) - never used, $50

Black Koxx One Devil Frame, fits a 27.2 mm seatpost - moderately used, some dents, $20

Blue Kris Holm Double Bolt Seatpost Clamp, fits a 27.2 frame/seatpost - never used, $7

Impact Seat Base, standard on the Impact seats, fits all normal seatposts (KH, Koxx One, Impact, ect.) - never used, $20

I’ll take the Devil frame. Will fit one of my club unicycles :slight_smile:

Alright, cool. The Devil frame is sold then. :slight_smile:

i call the Qaux… I have always heard those frames are sweet

I rode the longneck version for a while and it felt awesome!

I only changed because i wanted to lower my seat a bit, and use 27.2mm seatposts.
If you don’t kill posts, then it’s a great frame!

The only thing left is the seatbase then, someone local wants the clamp. :slight_smile:


I’m leaving midday tomorrow, so if anyone wants the seatbase let me know soon and I’ll stuff it in my suitcase. :slight_smile: