Parts prices; seatpost suspension

I’ve been putting together a parts list for building my Muni, but there are some
things I can’t price yet due to local unavailability. I’d call Tom Miller and
ask him (and will, probably, in the future, depending on responses to this), but
my estimates thus far without the items I’ll list below is well over $125–and
that’s without the frame of the uni! Thus my plea, as I don’t want to spend any
more than I have to! Do any of you have any idea how much the following items
might cost (ie from a previous purchase)–or better yet, do you have any of
these items you’d like to part with (from an old, broken uni, f’rinstance)?

32 or 36 hole hub for cotterless cranks cranks (pref. 175mm) seat (comfortable
one like a sem, pref.) bearings and bearing seats

One brand that’s in a local shop (it’s a Zephyr, I think) has tubular legs with
bolt-on bearing seats. These type of bearing seats would be ideal for me. Think
they’re available after-market?

If you can give me (relatively) accurate guesses about the costs of these
items, I’d appreciate it–then I can figure out if this project of mine is
really worth pursuing.

On another note … A while back, a thread was going on involving seatpost
suspension. I noticed in my latest Bike Nashbar catalog that Nashbar has a
house-brand suspension seatpost. It uses a hinged mechanism that rests on a
thick urethane “puck” to provide travel. It would, through its design, obviate
the possible problems of twisting that might ensue from the use of a telescoping
seatpost suspension design. But its travel looks limited to maybe an inch and a
half. The best part, though, is the price–only US$40. Much better than the
US$130 or so for most others. They come in about all the diameters you might
need. Just thought somebody might be interested in giving it a try. In the US,
call 800-NASHBAR.


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