PARTS: Magura rim brake, Surly Large Marge 24, ground control fat tire, KH Moment hub

See my Surly Conundrom FS post for more details and pics of the parts.

I have a 24" used Large Marge rim $90 + s/h, black Magura rim brake that Bryce adjusted to fit a fat tire and pink Echo Magura mounting brackets $115, and a new with tags 24x4" Specialized Ground Control fat 24" tire $35 + s/h

Also, forgot to mention in that post that I have a New In Box KH Moment Hub 36H $60 + s/h



Bump. Send me your best offers!

I also have some used POC VPD 2.0 long knee pads and elbow pads, size small. $125 for both sets + s/h OBO


POC pads $100 + s/h
Large Marge rim $75 + s/h
New Specialized Ground Control 24x4" tire $30 + s/h

Large Marge rim, Specialized Tire, and KH Moment hub sold!

POC pads, black Magura rim brakes, and pink Echo Magura rim brake brackets still available. Send me your best offers!


Magura brake and pink Echo Magura brackets $90 shipped to US.
POC $90 shipped to US.

Are the Magura brake and brackets still available? I’m sort of new to putting brakes on a uni. Does that come with the cables and the brake handle as shown in your other post? I’ve got a new Nimbus 24" Mountain unicycle (the orange one) that has the mounting tabs on it for this, or so I was told. Just trying to figure out what else I’d need to fully install it and price it all out.


You just need the mounting brackets (with bolts). The magura brake is a hydraulic, closed system, so you don’t want to disconnect the lever and brake pads if you can help it. Don’t even think about cutting the cable to length thinking it’s just a simple cable fix. You would have to get hydraulic fluid, new cable, a new crimping nut, and bleed the whole system to get any air out. A bike shop can charge $80+ bucks for this.

Anyway, it’s a really easy install, and the surly she had it installed on should be a good fit for the same cable length, so it shouldn’t be an issue at all unless you are very tall and need a longer cable. May want to check the length and bust out a piece of string to be sure.

Thanks for the info. I’m hoping the mounting brackets are still part of the deal so I’d just need the brake mount to put on the bottom of the saddle and be done. That’s a good idea about the string, but I guess I’d need to know how long the cable is so I’ll know what to compare it to.

If you can let me know what that cable length is, I’ll check it any make sure it will fit. Also, can you confirm that the mounting brackets are still part of the deal (and hopefully the bolts as well)?


Hey there! Just read your PM. I have a saddle brake mount I can throw in the deal as well. When I return from vacation I’ll measure out the length for you.


Magura brake and brackets sold!

POC Pads sold! Closing thread