Parts failure

Due to the demise of my 24" unicycle, Ive had to go back to the trusty old 20" united machine until my wheel arrives for my new 24". Trouble is, I keep breaking it! I bent a crank on it last week, and it appears that the wheel has a kink in it and is starting to give way. Im not OVERLY large (73kg or 161lb) and Im only doing 2’ dropoffs. Am I doomed to a full profile hub/sun rim/DTswiss spoke/shimanoDX pedal 20" combination??? Has anyone else had these probs with their united unicycles?

Has anyone tried heat treating Suzue hubs as per Telford Designs? Has it made a difference??

On a learning note, I nailed a side mount last night. Its all about technique apparently! Also got 3 full pedal revolutions backwards totally by accident, I was just trying to learn how to idle!!!

I love this sport!



I found learning to ride backwards easier than learning to idle. When I learned to idle, I cheated at first, and learned to idle with full revolutions of the wheel rather than half revolutions or less. That way it was more like riding and easier to control. Then it was relatively easy to shift into half revolution idling.

Good work on the side mount. Too bad gravity is the same on your side of the world or you’d have quite an advantage.

Hey, howcome no one told me about that technique when I was learning to idle. I’m going to suggest that. Thanks Harper.
-David Kaplan

When I told John at The Source that I had been doing MUni and stairs with the stock United, he was suprised that it had lasted as long as it had- since September. They are just not made for it. That said, mine has been a tank, and would have lasted much longer if the axel hadn’t twisted under hopping abuse (it actualy gave up the ghost this week). They say the Suzue hub is a good deal tougher, and the Sun rims are SO much lighter, the performance difference is amazing- you’ll hop further, faster, higher if you lose that big band of steal.