Parts clearout !!!

Hey everyone,

I am selling all the extra parts i have kicking around.

  1. KH20 2004 frame with seatpost & seatpost clamp (Black)

  2. Bedford 24" chrome frame with seatpost and seatpost clamp :slight_smile: amazing frame. loved it but now i have a KH frame. it has a few cosmetic scratches (which is still hard to notice on chrome :slight_smile: ) and the bedford crest has partially come off but otherwise its in great condition…the seatpost is cut very low as i ride street on my 24 so…

  3. KH freeride saddle (2008 i think). this saddle has gone through it all. the seat cover s ripped and i`ve drawn all over it :slight_smile: shoe lace holds the cover on… the foam has been cut (very poorly) for my flatland trials grip :stuck_out_tongue: (left hand) the back bumper has been taken off (though i will include it) and their is ducttape on it to compress the foam the way i like it. it is still a great saddle in my opinion… base is still perfecto :slight_smile:

  4. ONZA LIMEY Saddle. perfect. nothing wrong with it cept for like a scratch or 2 on the front/back bumper. ive riddin this saddle like 2 times then i break my arm so i havent riddden it since, and i personally don’t like the way it feels…

  5. Echo TR pedals. got em when i was hardcore into trials but now i prefer riding street. great condition except for a few scratches from a few pedal grabs.

  6. 24" spoke set with square tapered cranks and hub. I think the hub is suzue (made in Japan). i rode these for a while until i started going bigger. the right crank is bent but the spokes and hub are still perfect. they are steel by ze way :stuck_out_tongue:

  7. really worn oddessy twisted pc chameleon pedals. go from pale yellow
    /white to bright yellow in the sunlight :slight_smile: there isnt much grib yet and the sides are pretty scratched but they are still good. i don’t need these anymore because i found my other haro platform pedal that i lost and i prefer the shape of them to pcs :slight_smile:

that seems to be it for now…ill post more if i find anything else. prices to come maybe…bhut for now just drop me an offer/ a pm. i will consider trades for a new 20" frame too :slight_smile:

ill take pics later :slight_smile: (after i finish doing laundry :slight_smile:


bout to go take some pics. here are some prices
hub n cranks (square tapered) $20
Cranks n hub with spokes - $30
KH20 frame (04) with seatpost and what not - $40
Bedford frame (24") - $25
Oddessy pedals - $5
Echo TR - $60
Onza Limey Seat - $40
KH Seat - $10
think thats it?
im am willing to negotiate prices. i will take trades for a 20" frame too like i said :slight_smile:

are you in Antarctica, or the North Pole? :thinking:

just trying to figure out shipping :sunglasses:

canada man :slight_smile: all prices are canadian :slight_smile:

pics :smiley:


1/2 oddessy pedals (other one is on unistill)

spoke nipples

suzue hub


KH 20 2004 frame black.

KH seat

KH seat (underneith front)

KH seat (underneith back)

Bedford 24" frame

bedford frame with onza saddle

bedford frame

tulips :stuck_out_tongue: (just for fun)

theres the picss for everyone :slight_smile:

bumpity bump :slight_smile: need this stuff gone guys

how much would shipping be on the seat?

pm me your address.

If your KH20 2004 frame was a 24" I would’ve taken it. I was sure it was but I read the post again :frowning: Sorry, I’m not taking any parts though.

i’ll take the tulips.

I’ll call dibs on the Echo Tr’s. I literally just broke the axle on mine. >.< I’m super upset about it and desperately could use some new ones.

Me too.


hey guys…

sorry there has been no replies about shipping costs yet. post office was closed down for renovations. i should be able to get shipping costs to you guys sometime this week…

i thinking of getting the kh frame but i need to know the shipping costs.

whats the status on any of theses parts

Hey guys sorry i meant to reply to this thread but i havent been able to log on…

the postal workers union is on strike up here in canada, so im sketch on shipping anything right now…if everything all clears up and i still wanna sell all the parts, i will re-open this :slight_smile:

the KH frame is gone though. someone from toronto came down and bought it…

im so sorry for this guys

Where in Canada? I am interested on some things and would be able to pick up if your in Ontario or could send you my Purolator info and you could just drop it off for shipping on my account.