Parting with an old friend. Clyde is for sale...

It’s time for Clyde to go to a new home. Check him out on Ebay, item #7246131237

that is so cute. im saving up for other things though:o

Are the unicycle and kid included?

If so, what would you estimate the yearly maintenance to be on the kid? :wink:

I know, it’s Brad!



i’d be interested, but i’m saving for a coker at the moment.

Footnote: Clyde was an orangutan, not a chimp.

Nope, sorry. It’s actually Ben, though he’s on Brad’s unicycle…must have been what threw you off. Also, the picture is from a year and a half ago. Ben is one of a kind and the upkeep is horribly expensive but I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

Yeah, I know. It’s sort of like the same thing that Bruce Lee and I go through. Everyone always gets us mixed up.

that is so sweet, i would so get that, but i cant right now

What does it say on Clyde’s hat? Does his hat come off?

Also, the shoelace police noticed an infraction in the photo. Those wind-up face plants hurt!

Clyde’s hat does come off, matter of fact, I hope we can find it before he moves on to a new home so we can send it with him. I don’t remember what the original label on the hat said but we put a unicycle patch over top of it. It was a patch from when we hosted Midwest Regionals here in Rochelle in 2003.

Yeah, we know all too well about wind-up infractions. It happened to Ben once on his Coker during the 10 K at NAUCC. It didn’t take long for him to hit the pavement. Then it took him many minutes to free himself and get back in the race. Good road rash out of it too.

This photo was set up. I needed a photo of Clyde so I called Ben outside and he hopped on Brad’s uni quickly for the photo and video clip.

Here’s the patch on Clyde’s hat:


how fif can u get ?

What is fif…or do I want to ask?

It’s a sad day in the Edwards’ household. Clyde is leaving tomorrow for his new home in North Carolina. The new adoptive parents have promised to give him a good home and even send us photos of him performing in upcoming parades. Watch for him in the July 4th parade in Speculator, NY next month.

Good-bye Clyde. May you live forever, if not on this earth, than in the hearts of children of all ages across many a parade route.