Partial flat tire questions ...

today i was riding my uni outside when i felt a little bit of the rim when i was riding. i think i didn’t have enough air. after i first felt it, i wanted to stop to avoid damaging the rim, but i still had to keep going. anyway, i rode about 1/2 to 3/4 mile before i got where i needed to go. i weigh about 100 lb., give or take, and i am riding on a 20" cyclepro. do you think it did much damage?

Does it look damaged? If it doesn’t look damaged and it feels normal after you pump the tire back up, I wouldn’t worry too much. Riding on a bare rim is never good, though.

the wheel isn’t bent out of shape, no. i haven’t had a chance to pump it up yet, though. i’m going to do that tomorrow. i’m just going to stay off it until i can. thank you so much!

the only thing I would worry about is a pinch flat.

that is what happens to the inner tube if you ride on the tire with low air… the rim will actually puncture the inner tube if you squish it just right !! -=)

Check for leaks on the inner tube after you pump it up to the specified pressure listed on the side of the tire.

Good luck !

thank you!