Parted together unicycle

Hi, Im thinking of making a trial unicycle out of alot of parts, if I do this I save nearly $300. Otherwise I would buy the kris holm 2007 model trial/street unicycle.

Here is the list of parts I am going to buy, then create my own unicycle.
Nimbus II frame (black)
Nimbus trials 48 hole rim (black)
maxxis creepy crawler tire
qu-ax splinned hub (yellow)
generic tire tube, fits unicycle
Kris Holm ISIS Moment Cranks 2007 (chrome)
Marwi 14-gauge Spokes (48 of them)
and a spoke wrench
the total of this comes to $284.10:D
If I was to buy a kris holm 2007 trials/street unicycle I would spend $500 or more

You decide! good idea or not? anything other than that i should buy?

unless some one cares to enlighten me otherwise the qu-ax hub and the KH cranks aren’t compatible

oh!! :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: thanks, I thought something might happen like that! dang, the price changes then. hmmm…

if you go to a KH hub either go with a KH rim (drilled) or a an Alex rim (non drilled)
are you lacing it? and if you are do you know how?

This will be the first rim i’ll lace. No clue how to, but I might be able to get or a bike shop to do it for me. :roll_eyes:

if you are bending cranks you probably want a bike shop to do it. but while they charge maybe 30-40 dollars to build they will charge maybe 10 to true, so build it then take it to your LBS to have them fix it.

ok, thanks man:) but those are just parts that im thinking about getting for a new unicycle. If you cant see in my avatar my unicycle is a freestyle unicycle that i modded out with a hub/rim/cranks assembly from my first unicycle.

why in the world would getting a KH cost more than $500?
it would cost $500
uhm do a little more research so you know what you’re getting yourself into. make sure you know EVERYTHING you want.
if you don’t mind a heavy uni, add the Quax cranks, or the KH hub and its fine.

you don’t want to sit on it like that, it might go up your bonghole.

and pedals.

hes adding to his uni so I imagine he would have the other stuff

Oh okay, I see. I thought he was going to want to have two running unis.

yeah, srry guys I couldnt be on for that amount of time. But, I am ADDING to my current one since it doesnt cover my needs. I have a seatpost saddle and a good clamp. And why the kh uni would cost more than $500 is because I would be adding certain things to go with it, such as new gloves fom sixsixone. Thats why it would cost more. Right now the total of that is… about $300 for the stuff I need.:smiley:

i also have peddals, bulletproof, very nice and grippy, good pegs also.


my bonghole is at the other end…

He can build the wheel himself.
Search on google for sheldon brown’s (spelling?) for his wheelbuilding tutorial.
I build my KH wheelset with that tutorial for the first time, and it still is GOOD.
And I ainth carreful with my unicycle :roll_eyes:

Peter M

Bevis and Butthead refrence…