Part One of a Bad Video - Summer Riding - Max R and Jon B

Hey, Max (Any_Terrain) and I did a short summer vid with a short edit, in a short amount of time. Quality’s kinda iffy as well and Max only put it up on youtube.

Anyways, check it out, hit HD if you want even reasonable quality, and I hope you enjoy :)-

-Jon B

Edit: Max made the title.

i liked the crank grab-180- crankgrab thingy on the picnic table. Max’s flat was good as always. Overall awesome!

Part two is still uploading but here is the link:

Again, both these were edited in 5-10 minutes and a random song that fit the size of the video was used… Hope you enjoy the riding though… More stylish imo in part 2.

It’s private

+1 unprivatize!

Liked part 1 very much part 2 is private and what is that tripod thing many people have in credits?:stuck_out_tongue:

sorry, it is unprivate now

1:39’s flat combo was ill max. Awesome Vid(s) guys!

Nice, guys. Diggin’ the 2flip to seat in back, and I also liked the 1spin-inwardrollingwrap.

It isn’t an inward rollingwrap, or at least not in my opinion…
Thanks though.

well, it was pushed like an inward rolling wrap, but finished like a normal rolling wrap. it was nice :wink:

nice. Part 2 vid was definately better

Why didn’t you do the gap at 1:50? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t do much trials so I don’t think I can. I maytry it next time I ride though (that is my usual riding spot for flat and trials).