Park Trials Movie for you :-)


I went to my local park today to do some trials and ended up making a little movie.

its 2:22mins long and 7.49MB. I hope you all enjoy it, and find my falls entertaining.

here is the link Its the one that says “Park Trials”


Worst movie ever nobody should even consider watching it.

Edit: TheObieOne3226 (9:09:16 PM): i replied
uni trials rider (9:09:20 PM): dude!
uni trials rider (9:09:32 PM): after all i have done for you!:stuck_out_tongue:
TheObieOne3226 (9:09:37 PM): lol
uni trials rider (9:09:38 PM): and this is how you repay me!@
uni trials rider (9:09:43 PM): take it back
TheObieOne3226 (9:09:56 PM): ok
TheObieOne3226 (9:10:01 PM): might after i watch it
uni trials rider (9:10:10 PM): hjaha
uni trials rider (9:10:11 PM): okay
TheObieOne3226 (9:11:01 PM): ouch
TheObieOne3226 (9:12:43 PM): good music tho
TheObieOne3226 (9:13:30 PM): dude that must have hurt so bad
TheObieOne3226 (9:13:36 PM): you got impaled by your crotch
TheObieOne3226 (9:13:39 PM): *on
uni trials rider (9:13:54 PM): yeah
uni trials rider (9:16:04 PM): dude take that reply back
TheObieOne3226 (9:16:13 PM): lol
uni trials rider (9:16:17 PM): its not good for the thread


very good sabmeister. those pedal grabs were very cool.

Ohhhh! New pedals! :slight_smile:

Thanks Trip, that means a lot comming from a person of superior unicycling ability;)


Yep Yep:D


I likey the neon Orange pedals… Very Dope. Good riding and OK editing. I like the park with the little procenium theatre that you were hoppin…

the pedals on my new trials uni are going to be purple! and they are jimmy c’s, so its all good

Awesome song you chose there, and some very nice riding aswell. Congratulations once again friend. Don’t worry, that’s a reference to something nobody will understand, you don’t actually have to be my friend.

Oh man, what SEXY pedals! Cool viddy Sayben.

That street move on top of the picnic table was as smooth as buttah! Brilliant!



I like the vid

by any chance are those pedals the limited addition orange Jim cielenckis with the lighting bolts on them?

Great picture composition and great riding on the amphitheater steps!

Sabin, you animal!:smiley:

Fun to watch you ‘get it right’ :slight_smile:


And , I just had a random thought …

… about the vids created the last week or so …

my thought is … /BRT “unicycle practice is a solitary sport”
it takes alot outta us … mentally and physically …
… distractions aren’t good :slight_smile:

… /ERT :smiley:

You bet:)


finally someone else who sidehops the same way i do

but not pedal grabs, you just unco in that department

sweet trick on the table

I also hop like that

Like what? Looks normal to me.

Edit: Oh I think I see.If you are referring to him hopping to the left, left crank back with his right hand (although he pedalgrabbed to the right once), I also do that, as does Trip, and a few other I know. We rock.

That’s how I hop.

same. It’s a good way to hop if it can get you onto picnick tables.