Park City/Dear Valley Muni?

Hi Muni enthusiasts,

Is there any good muni stuff in Park City and Deer Valley? I know they used to run lifts there for mountain bikes. Do they still do it? Will they take unicyclist up? Is it way too difficult for a moderate level unicyclist? (I assume there is insanely difficult stuff in the area. I need something a few notches down.)

I am supposed to be in the area and I was wondering if it was worth trying to bring along a unicycle.

They still run lifts in the summer for MTBers.

I would show up to the ticket booth w/o your uni and then go to the lifts w/ it like it’s perfectly normal.

Looks like they at least have some stunts (from google)



Any advice for nice trails in this area? I will bring a KH24.

There are tons of trails in the area. The Round Valley and Glenwild trail systems are excellent for trails that are easier than the ski areas. If you want to ride a lift up, Deer Valley is good. I’ve only mountain biked there (and not recently), so I don’t know the easier trails. I can’t imagine they’d have any objection to a unicycle since they’ve got people riding in full DH armor up there, but just call them and ask. Deer Valley will give you a map of their trails and you can get maps of all the nearby trails from any bike shop in town.


Hey Scott;

I’ve been wondering the same myself.

Maybe we can explore “that side” together when you’re out here. Other places I’d like to explore are moderate sections of the Wasatch Crest & Great Western trails, and possibly a lift-supported ride down the cat-track at Solitude.

Meanwhile, until today the higher-up trails were melting/drying out nicely, but Alta may get snow tonight & tomorrow! Crazy late Spring this year.

As for lower elevations, I’ve been out on the Pipeline trail up Millcreek three times so far this year and it’s in great shape.

Looking forward to riding with you…

UPD in Utah