park and pipe uni?

hey i live close to a skate park . im wondering what type of tricks can u do at the park. how do u drop in on the halfpipe and how far do u have to lean down. what about ramps? how much speed do u need to get air? should u be leaning back or forward? what tricks are possible in the pipe? thx

well to get air learning to roll hop well would help,
I would just go and practise and make up tricks :wink:

uni in a half pipe is no fun. unless you can find a really long 4ft high pipe. then that might be fun.
but all the ones around here are crap, even to skate they are crap cause there is no room to pump.

low quarter pipes are fun…

mostly just go ride it and you will figure out how you need to lean.
basically just stay over your wheel and you will be fine.

When riding at a skatepark, make sure you can rolling hop. Nothing will piss off skaters more than having you go all slowly in their way and then stop to hop around for a bit. Keep everything smooth and flowing. Tricks like grinds and manny pads are well suited to skateparks, just be sure to always stay moving otherwise get out of peoples way otherwise you are being rude and will be treated as such.

as for dropping in, you dont lean, you keep your body straight. Its really a pointless trick. As for ramps, you dont get air off them, there’s just not enough speed. And if you go in a halfpipe you’ll just look stupid and piss off skaters. There’s really no such thing as vert/ramp unicycling, you cant get enough speed.

can’t wait for the splined guni from kh to come out. gonna see some park action from shaun j. the gearing will allow for enough speed for ramps and such to be fun.

Bullshit, that would mean I can get air with my coker.

but you forget the weight difference. sure the hub might be pretty heavy for the guni, but if its a 20" it will be much more manuverable.

I don’t think vert is a place unicycling can ever go, unless someone can do a coasted drop in to things. Which is pretty unlikely. As for dropping in tips, just keep straight and don’t stand up - stay right down on the seat. :slight_smile: