Paris by night

A few pictures of a night ride : :slight_smile:

Nice. Night riding in a city is fun. A different experience around than doing the same ride in the middle of the day.

I don’t know if the Montmartre stairs look steeper, but I know the photographer’s work is made harder :roll_eyes:

That looked very enjoyable. Thanks for sharing!

ahhh… paris. I loved that city. There’s a great little chinese restaurant (believe it or not) in one of the back roads near the studio apartment i stayed at…
I’ll have to get the addresse.

He sorted it already… And for someone who was there, it’s great to see as many pictures as possible !

Hello guys,

I am so glad to find this forum. I know this off-topic but I was hoping to be able to get some information. I am a complete newbie with regards to riding a unicycle but I would like to learn it. So I was wondering if anyone could provide some info on where in Paris I might be able to purchase a unicycle? I found some brand names on the web and the recommendations but I wasn’t sure whether they would be available here. Or would just buying them off the net be a better choice?

Appreciate any kind of help / info. Thanks much.

You’ll find dealers here :
As a complete newbie, don’t spend too much money and buy a cheap 20" or 24" unicycle at first.

Awesome! Are you guys going to be there between the 22nd and 29th of March? I’ve already arranged to meet with a few people and ride, but the more the merrier :slight_smile:

Sorry, but I’d like to ask another quick question.

What’s the common practice of unicycling here in Paris? Do you do it on the roads with the cars / bicycles? Or do you do it on the sidewalk with the pedestrians?

I bought a Unicycle yesterday, from this shop Passe Passe near Simplon, they were really nice and helpful about the whole thing. I spent about 3 hours on it last night, I think I’m making progress, I hope to get some hours in this weekend.

You’ll find almost every practice in and around Paris (street, trial, road, Muni, basket, …).
I seldom ride in Paris itself (because I am dead scared of cars) So I usually ride on the pavement (with a 19") unless there are too many people around.

Here are the main get-together events in and around Paris:

  • Tuesday at 20.00 at Les Halles in Paris city center, directions are here. Ride is in the streets, on sidewalks or roads depending on local circumstances
  • saturday afternoon at La DĂ©fense in the close western suburb, this is a large pedestrian area between skyscrapers. Information here
  • sunday morning, or sometimes saturday, accross the woods at Clamart or round the canal in the Versailles park, south-western suburb, info here
  • not so regular : saturday morning in the Parc de la Poudrerie at Sevran, north-eastern suburb, info here
  • not so regular : saturday or sunday in the woods around Saint-Germain-en-Laye
  • Every tuesday at 21:00 at Haut-les-Mains premises in the CAES at Ris-Orangis, far southern suburb. Unicycle basketball and juggling as well
  • Sunday afternoon with the Roule-ta-Bille in a sportshall on the campus at Bures-sur-Yvette, but I am not sure this still exists, have a look here

wow, Thanks for the in-depth info.

I hope to be able to join you guys in a few months. I’ve only clocked 3hrs on the unicycle so far, give me some time (also to get my French up to steam). It’s nice to know there’s such a following, I’ll definitely keep this forum bookmarked.

Sunday Afternoons in Bures still exists (from 15:00 to 18:00). Informations here.

As for the basketball in Ris, as Marc very well knows, it is on Mondays and not tuesdays, he was probably a bit sleepy when he wrote that…

Actually, erm… What do you guys do during the gatherings? Just hang around, chit chat, show each other your tricks?

Errrr… Mosday comes before or after Tuneday… or what

You are free to come and bring more :slight_smile:

Thanks. You guys sound like a great bunch. I will, I promise. Give me a while to actually start riding. I did two rotations today! 2nd day!